Alexseal Yacht Coatings, a premium brand of Mankiewicz Coatings, has earned a solid reputation as a leading provider of high-quality coating systems for the yacht and superyacht industry.

Combining advanced technology with superior materials, Alexseal offers an extensive range of products designed to deliver exceptional performance, durability, and aesthetics to vessels of all sizes and types.

The comprehensive Alexseal product lineup includes topcoats, primers, fairing compounds, and specialty products, meticulously engineered to meet the rigorous demands of marine environments. The brand’s flagship product, the Alexseal Premium Topcoat 501, provides an unparalleled high-gloss finish that not only enhances the yacht’s appearance but also offers outstanding UV and abrasion resistance, ensuring long-lasting protection and beauty.

For optimal surface preparation, Alexseal offers a selection of high-performance primers, including the widely acclaimed Alexseal Finish Primer 442, a two-component epoxy primer that ensures excellent adhesion and corrosion protection. To achieve a flawless surface, professionals can rely on Alexseal’s fairing compounds, such as the Alexseal Fairing Compound 202, designed for easy application and superior sandability.

Specialty products within the Alexseal range, such as the Alexseal Metallic Basecoat 5018, deliver stunning effects and finishes, allowing for unique customization options that cater to individual preferences and requirements.

Alexseal’s commitment to quality extends beyond its products, as the brand also provides comprehensive technical support and training to ensure optimal results when using their coating systems. Additionally, Alexseal’s focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility is evident in their ongoing efforts to minimize the environmental impact of their products and processes.

PTW Shipyard is proud to offer Alexseal’s industry-leading yacht coatings to discerning professionals seeking the highest standards of performance, aesthetics, and durability for their yacht and superyacht repair, maintenance, and refit projects.

Here is a list of their product categories and specific products:

  1. Primers
    • 161 High Build Epoxy Primer
    • 442 High Build Epoxy Primer
    • 302 High Build Epoxy Primer
    • 135 Epoxy Primer
    • 151 Epoxy Primer
    • 132 High Build Epoxy Primer
    • 111 Epoxy Primer
    • 110 Epoxy Primer
    • 109 Epoxy Primer
    • 108 Epoxy Primer
  2. Fairing Compounds
    • A202 Premium Trowelable Fairing Compound
    • A201 Premium Trowelable Fairing Compound
  3. Finish Primers
    • 442 Finish Primer
    • 302 Finish Primer
    • 135 Finish Primer
    • 151 Finish Primer
    • 132 Finish Primer
    • 111 Finish Primer
    • 110 Finish Primer
    • 109 Finish Primer
    • 108 Finish Primer
  4. Topcoats
    • 501 Premium Topcoat
    • 502 Premium Topcoat
    • 503 Premium Topcoat
    • 504 Premium Topcoat
    • 505 Premium Topcoat
    • 506 Premium Topcoat
    • 507 Premium Topcoat
    • 508 Premium Topcoat
    • 509 Premium Topcoat
    • 510 Premium Topcoat
    • 511 Premium Topcoat
  5. Non-Skid Deck Coatings
    • 501 Non-Skid Deck Coating
    • 502 Non-Skid Deck Coating
  6. Metallics & Special Effects
    • 9001 Metallic Basecoat
    • 9002 Metallic Basecoat
    • 9003 Metallic Basecoat
    • 9004 Metallic Basecoat
    • 9005 Metallic Basecoat
  7. Reducers & Additives
    • 5010 Standard Reducer
    • 5020 Fast Reducer
    • 5030 Slow Reducer
    • 5040 Thinner
    • 5050 Converter
    • 5060 Converter
    • 5070 Converter

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Yacht Paint

Coatings Specialists: Obtaining the finest results available in the yacht paint industry, here at our shipyard we offer a fully dedicated Yacht Paint in-house department. Our team with over twenty years of experience in the super yacht arena will provide the highest standards reaching your expectations. Superior contractual standards and a constant application and surface controls will certify and warrant each job.

  • Finishing and Refinishing.
  • Superyacht painting.
  • Total or partial refits.
  • Priming, fairing & top coating.
  • Restoration refinishing.
  • Touch up & repair work.
  • Professional scaffolding sheds.
  • Contractual and warranty jobs.