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Bostik is a global leader in the manufacturing of high-performance adhesives and sealants, providing innovative solutions for a diverse range of applications in the yacht and superyacht industry

With over a century of experience, Bostik has established itself as a trusted name in the marine sector, offering a wide range of products designed to meet the unique demands of this challenging environment.

Bostik’s product portfolio includes a comprehensive selection of adhesive and sealant technologies, catering to a variety of materials and surfaces commonly found in yacht construction and maintenance. These products are formulated to deliver superior performance in bonding, sealing, and waterproofing applications, ensuring lasting results and high-quality finishes.

The brand’s marine product lineup features industry-leading solutions such as the Bostik Simson MSR series, a range of high-performance adhesives and sealants specifically designed for marine applications. These products offer excellent adhesion, elasticity, and UV resistance, making them ideal for sealing and bonding applications in both interior and exterior settings.

Other notable offerings include the Bostik Marine 2400FC series, a collection of fast-curing adhesives and sealants suitable for use in emergency repairs and time-sensitive projects. These products provide rapid bonding and sealing capabilities, even in challenging weather conditions, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency in repair and maintenance tasks.

Bostik also places a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company is committed to developing eco-friendly products and practices, continually striving to reduce its carbon footprint and minimize the environmental impact of its operations. This commitment extends to its marine products, with many formulations being solvent-free and low in VOCs, ensuring compliance with stringent environmental regulations.

ptw Shipyard recognizes the importance of using high-quality adhesives and sealants in the yacht and superyacht repair, maintenance, and refit processes. Therefore, it proudly offers a range of Bostik’s innovative products to its clientele, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in all marine applications. With Bostik’s extensive selection of adhesives and sealants, ptw Shipyard can confidently provide superior solutions for a wide variety of projects, delivering exceptional results that stand the test of time.

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