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Maretron, a world leader in vessel monitoring and control systems, offers a comprehensive suite of products designed for the most demanding marine environments

From their advanced NMEA 2000® network technology to their innovative software, Maretron is committed to enhancing the safety, security, and performance of your vessel.

Maretron’s product line is diverse and extensive, encompassing monitoring systems, transducers, alarms, and control systems. Each product is designed to work in synergy, providing the user with unparalleled control and insight into their vessel’s operations.

The NMEA 2000® network technology is a key component of Maretron’s offerings. This robust, efficient, and versatile network system allows various marine electronics to communicate and share information. It serves as the backbone for many of Maretron’s advanced monitoring systems.

Maretron’s monitoring systems are renowned for their precision and reliability. The DSM410 is a high-resolution, sunlight-viewable graphical display that interprets and displays NMEA 2000® instrument data, such as depth, speed, heading, and wind. Another notable product, the WSO100, is an ultrasonic wind/weather station that measures wind speed and direction, air temperature, barometric pressure, and humidity, all in a single compact housing.

In the realm of transducers, Maretron offers a range of reliable, high-precision products. The TMP100, for instance, is a module that allows for the precise measurement of temperature for up to six sources, making it ideal for monitoring engine room conditions or refrigeration units.

Maretron’s alarms and control systems ensure the safety and security of your vessel. The ALM100 is an alarm module that aids in the monitoring of conditions that could potentially damage your vessel or endanger its occupants. It features programmable alarm and relay settings and is compatible with a wide range of Maretron monitoring products.

In addition to these, Maretron offers a suite of software solutions, including N2KView®. This powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use software allows users to view the status of their vessel’s various systems from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Whether you’re onboard or ashore, N2KView® gives you unprecedented control and insight into your vessel’s operations.

All these products form an integrated ecosystem, providing complete monitoring and control of all operational aspects of a yacht or superyacht. This comprehensive approach ensures not only the performance and safety of your vessel but also your peace of mind.

Products from Maretron that are commonly used in yachts and superyachts to ensure efficient and secure operations at sea:

– DSM410 – NMEA 2000® Display: A high-resolution, sunlight-viewable display used for monitoring and controlling critical systems.

– GPS200 – NMEA 2000® GPS Antenna/Receiver: Provides reliable and accurate positioning data.

– TMP100 – Temperature Module: Used for monitoring temperatures around the vessel, including engine room, cabins, refrigeration systems, etc.

– DMS100 – NMEA 2000® Network Monitor: Monitors the health of NMEA 2000® networks.

– WSO100 – Weather Station: A comprehensive weather monitoring solution providing wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, humidity, and air temperature data.

– SIM100 – Switch Indicator Module: Monitors switch closure devices including, but not limited to, safety equipment (heat, smoke, carbon monoxide), and security systems (motion, door, and window).

– MBB300C – Black Box for Vessel Monitoring and Control: The core of Maretron’s vessel monitoring and control system.

– FPM100 – Fluid Pressure Monitor: Monitors pressure of various fluids and gases in the yacht.

– RIM100 – Run Indicator Module: Monitors and reports the status of devices such as engines, generators, thrusters, etc.

– ALM100 – Alarm Module: Used to sound audible alerts for critical conditions.

ptw Shipyard is proud to bring Maretron’s range of products to its clientele, offering the sophisticated technology that is so integral to modern marine operations. This association represents a commitment to excellence and a dedication to providing the best in maritime solutions.

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