Maretron, a prominent name in the marine industry, specializes in the development and production of advanced marine electronics for yacht and superyacht repair, maintenance, and refit projects.

The company’s extensive product portfolio encompasses monitoring and control systems, navigation equipment, and a broad range of high-quality sensors, all designed to enhance vessel performance, safety, and efficiency.

One of Maretron’s flagship product lines is the N2KView® Vessel Monitoring and Control System, which provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring and controlling critical vessel systems. This software allows users to access and manage vital parameters, including engine performance, fuel consumption, tank levels, and environmental data, all from a centralized interface. Maretron’s N2KView® software is compatible with a wide range of display options, including dedicated marine displays, tablets, and smartphones, ensuring unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Another standout offering from Maretron is the DSM-Series of high-resolution, sunlight-readable color displays. These rugged, waterproof displays provide a user-friendly interface for monitoring and controlling vessel systems, with customizable screens that can be tailored to suit individual requirements. The DSM-Series is compatible with Maretron’s N2KView® software, ensuring seamless integration with the company’s broader range of monitoring and control solutions.

Maretron’s diverse range of sensors, such as the WSO100 Weather Station, provide accurate, real-time data on crucial environmental parameters, including wind speed and direction, air temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. These sensors are designed for compatibility with the NMEA 2000® network, allowing for easy integration with Maretron’s monitoring and control systems.

Dedicated to innovation and excellence, Maretron continually invests in research and development to ensure their products remain at the cutting edge of marine technology. PTW Shipyard is pleased to offer Maretron’s advanced marine electronics solutions, expertly tailored to meet the unique demands of yacht and superyacht repair, maintenance, and refit projects.

Their product offerings can be categorized as follows:

  1. Vessel Monitoring and Control:
    • N2KView®: A comprehensive vessel monitoring and control software for PCs, Macs, and mobile devices
    • TSM800C/1330C: Marine touchscreen displays for monitoring and control
  2. Black Boxes:
    • FPM100: Fluid Pressure Monitor for monitoring various fluid pressures on the vessel
    • SIM100: Switch Indicator Module for monitoring and controlling switch inputs and outputs
    • RIM100: Run Indicator Module for monitoring the runtime and on/off status of devices on board
    • ALM100: Alarm Module for generating audible and visual alarms based on user-defined criteria
  3. Transducers:
    • A variety of transducers for measuring depth, speed, temperature, pressure, and other parameters
  4. Sensors:
    • GPS100: GPS Antenna/Receiver for accurate positioning and navigation data
    • WSO100: Weather Station Instrument for measuring wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, and barometric pressure
    • CLM100: Current Loop Monitor for monitoring analog signals such as tank levels, pressure, and more
  5. Displays:
    • DSM150/DSM410: Multi-Function Color Displays for showing critical vessel data and alarms
    • DSM250: Multi-Function Color Display with a larger screen size
  6. Gateways:
    • J2K100: NMEA 2000® / J1939 Bridge for integrating engines and other devices into the NMEA 2000 network
    • USB100: NMEA 2000® / USB Gateway for connecting PCs to the NMEA 2000 network
  7. Network Components:
    • Maretron offers a variety of NMEA 2000 network components, such as cables, connectors, terminators, and power supplies, to facilitate the installation and expansion of the network

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