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EVAC is a renowned brand in the yacht and superyacht industry, specializing in marine growth prevention and comprehensive onboard solutions

With a strong focus on innovation, reliability, and environmental sustainability, EVAC offers a wide range of products designed to enhance vessel performance and ensure a clean and efficient onboard environment.

At the core of EVAC’s product lineup is their marine growth prevention systems. These systems utilize advanced technologies to prevent the growth of marine organisms on the vessel’s hull and underwater structures. By utilizing non-toxic and environmentally friendly methods, EVAC’s solutions effectively reduce fouling, biofilm formation, and corrosion, ultimately improving fuel efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

EVAC offers a variety of marine growth prevention systems tailored to different vessel sizes and requirements. Their systems incorporate features such as low-energy consumption, automated controls, and customizable settings to meet the unique needs of each yacht or superyacht. Examples of EVAC’s marine growth prevention systems include the EVAC MGP-200, EVAC MGP-400, and EVAC MGP-800, each offering specific features and capabilities to ensure optimal performance.

In addition to marine growth prevention systems, EVAC provides a comprehensive range of onboard solutions, including wastewater management systems, vacuum collection systems, and waste compactors. Their wastewater management systems ensure efficient and environmentally responsible treatment of onboard wastewater, while their vacuum collection systems offer a hygienic and space-saving solution for solid waste collection. EVAC’s waste compactors enable efficient waste handling and storage, minimizing the need for frequent disposal.

EVAC’s commitment to excellence extends to their dedication to environmental sustainability. Their solutions are designed to minimize water and energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and comply with stringent environmental regulations. By choosing EVAC’s products, yacht and superyacht owners can contribute to preserving marine ecosystems while enjoying the benefits of advanced onboard solutions.

As a commercial distributor, ptw Shipyard proudly offers EVAC’s industry-leading products to their discerning clientele. With EVAC’s cutting-edge solutions and ptw Shipyard’s commitment to quality service, yacht and superyacht owners can trust in the reliability, performance, and environmental sustainability of their onboard systems. By commercializing EVAC’s products, ptw Shipyard ensures that their customers have access to top-of-the-line solutions for their yacht and superyacht projects.

In summary, EVAC is a renowned brand specializing in marine growth prevention and comprehensive onboard solutions for the yacht and superyacht industry. Their range of products, including marine growth prevention systems, wastewater management systems, vacuum collection systems, and waste compactors, offers efficient and sustainable solutions for enhancing vessel performance and maintaining a clean onboard environment. ptw Shipyard commercializes EVAC’s products, ensuring their clients have access to top-quality solutions for their yacht and superyacht needs.

EVAC offers a range of products and sub-brands specifically designed for the marine yacht market. These include:

1. Marine Growth Prevention Systems:
* EVAC MGP-200
* EVAC MGP-400
* EVAC MGP-800

2. Wastewater Management Systems:
* EVAC Complete Cleantech Solution
* EVAC Membrane BioReactor (MBR) Systems
* EVAC Vacuum Collection Systems

3. Vacuum Collection Systems:
* EVAC Optima Vacuum Collection Systems
* EVAC Compact Vacuum Collection Systems
* EVAC Marine Systems Vacuum Collection Systems

4. Waste Compactors:
* EVAC Compax Waste Compactors
* EVAC Dry Waste Compactors
* EVAC Glass Crushers

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