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Professional In-house Yacht Paint Technicians

Welcome to ptw Shipyard yacht paint, where we are passionate about helping you maintain the beauty of your superyacht.

Our in-house yacht paint team specializes in finishing, refinishing, painting, varnishing, touch-ups, and polishing & protection. We pride ourselves on consistently delivering the highest level of service and quality, with open communication and transparent processes. 

With us, you can trust that your yacht is in good hands, as we are committed to providing exceptional service that will leave you completely satisfied

Welcome to ptw Shipyard™ yacht paint, a world-class superyacht fairing and painting specialists

We paint high-end luxury yachts providing excellent quality on all of our work and delivering excellent references and finish.

Here Our perfection matters. Highly experienced application team who can meet the owners’ highest standards.

Specialists in:


We bring back the shine to your yacht and reinforce its protection at sea, so that you can enjoy the water with complete peace of mind. Expertly applied by our in-house yacht paint team, we are proud to offer the highest quality products and coatings available.


With capacious quality standards we take the greatest care and attention in the refinishing process. Our promise is to provide you with superb levels of service, and that you will sail away with confidence and pride in a professionally finished superyacht.


We believe that your yacht should be a reflection of your personality, and that's why we work with you to bring your vision to life and ensure that every inch of your yacht reflects your unique style and taste.


Our skilled varnishers take pride in their ability to varnish and paint all types of yacht interiors and exteriors, including furniture, flooring, decks, walls and ceilings, doors and windows, handrails and hatches, and cabinets.

Touch ups

Your yacht is your pride and joy and every superyacht deserves to look its best. Our expert in-house team can repair, match, and blend your existing paint scheme, providing touch-ups on almost all surfaces.


We cover more than just complete refinishes, our beauty touch-up service provides repairs to painted and varnished areas either at your berth's location or in our shipyard shed, all performed by our specialised team of in-house yacht painters.


We offer a data-driven quality polishing process for linear and acrylic polyurethane, as well as gel-coat. Our skilled in-house team is dedicated to meeting your highest standards and delivering your superyacht polished to perfection!


We use a meticulous approach to remove only the oxidised and contaminated microns as this process leaves as much resin and swirl-free topcoat as possible, providing consistent results. For added protection, we offer hydro/oleophobic and ceramic coatings protection systems.

Data-driven inspections throughout all phases of the application process

Data-driven inspections throughout all phases of the application process

Yacht interior varnish and painting services: Creating the Ideal Atmosphere on Your Yacht 
Every phase of your project is important, from the initial color consultation until the job is complete. Painting your yacht interior and choosing the right colors and textures is essential to create the desired aesthetic, but making a decision can be difficult. Our expertise team will offer exceptional service that will assist you to choose the right scheme.

We can varnish and paint all types of yacht interior spaces:

  • Exterior  Furniture
  • Interior Furniture
  • Wood Flooring
  • Wood Walls
  • Wood Ceilings
  • Wood Doors
  • Wood Windows
  • Teak Decks
  • Wood Handrails
  • Ceilings panels
  • Hatches
  • Cabinets
  • Watermarks
  • Scratches
  • Gouges
  • Recolouring

Our Carpentry Team can also assist you with Furniture Repairing, Polishing and Refinishing

We polish to perfection! 
Preparation is the most crucial step in paint preservation. ptw Shipyard team uses a data-driven quality polishing process for linear and acrylic polyurethane, base or clear, as well as gel-coat. Hydro/oleophobic and ceramic coatings protection systems are also available.
Our craftsmen paint team remove only the oxidized and contaminated microns, leaving as much resin and swirl-free top coat as possible providing consistent and uniform results.
Working closely with certified Marine Coating Inspectors, ptw Shipyard provides quality and best practice at every stage; our quality control is constant and all applications are inspected regularly.

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Does your yacht have an unsightly scratch or ding? Over time, it is nearly impossible to avoid little bumps and scrapes. PTW Shipyard provides a great cost efficient paint system for your yacht touch ups & repairs. Our skilled paint team will perform color matching, blending and paint touch ups. 
We can repair, match and blend your existing paint scheme – we do touch ups on almost all surfaces and are happy to discuss your boat painting requirements with you.

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Quality assurance

During all the paint procedure, we offer transparent documenting and accurate reporting process to ensure that PTW’s professional service is accomplished and that the quality of our products and services reaches excellence. We match our commitment to principle, focusing on quality and client satisfaction. What doesn't look good to our own eyes, won't look good to our client’s eyes.


From start to finish, thanks to a mapped scheduling system, we guarantee that all the procedure is planned out accordingly and assure an on-time delivery.


A team of a highly trained professional workforce and in-house Project Management are at your disposal throughout your project’s duration and after delivery.  

Quality Control

Throughout the project our quality control members go above and beyond to verify the quality of the project from the first until the very last step, in order to ensure that we are meeting all the requirements of our client.


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We work with you to accomplish your yacht maintenance goals efficiently and cost-effectively.
We go above and beyond traditional “detailing” by paying close attention to every detail of your yacht.
If you’re looking for a yacht painting specialist, then give us a contact us.

Yacht Paint

Coatings Specialists: Obtaining the finest results available in the yacht paint industry, here at our shipyard we offer a fully dedicated Yacht Paint in-house department. Our team with over twenty years of experience in the super yacht arena will provide the highest standards reaching your expectations. Superior contractual standards and a constant application and surface controls will certify and warrant each job.

  • Finishing and Refinishing.
  • Superyacht painting.
  • Total or partial refits.
  • Priming, fairing & top coating.
  • Restoration refinishing.
  • Touch up & repair work.
  • Professional scaffolding sheds.
  • Contractual and warranty jobs.