Flir, a global leader in thermal imaging technology, offers advanced solutions for the marine industry. Their range of thermal cameras, including the FLIR M100 and FLIR M400, provides enhanced situational awareness and safety on yachts and superyachts.

Flir’s thermal cameras are designed to detect and visualize heat, allowing users to see in complete darkness and adverse weather conditions. The FLIR M100 is a compact and affordable thermal camera that offers clear imagery and long-range detection, making it ideal for smaller yachts. With its easy integration and intuitive interface, the FLIR M100 enhances navigation and security on the water.

For larger vessels, the FLIR M400 thermal camera provides exceptional performance and advanced features. With its high-resolution thermal imaging and long-range capabilities, the FLIR M400 offers precise detection and identification of objects, ensuring safe navigation and early threat detection. It also features advanced gyro-stabilization for steady imagery, even in rough seas.

Flir’s thermal cameras are complemented by their advanced software and systems, such as the FLIR Thermal Studio and the FLIR M-Series Navigator. These tools allow users to analyze, manage, and control the thermal camera data, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the thermal imaging system.

In addition to thermal cameras, Flir offers a range of other marine products, including handheld thermal imagers, marine binoculars, and search and rescue systems. Their handheld thermal imagers, such as the FLIR Ocean Scout TK and FLIR First Mate II, provide portable thermal imaging capabilities for on-the-go monitoring and safety.

Flir’s marine binoculars combine thermal imaging with low-light capabilities, offering enhanced visibility and detection range. These binoculars are suitable for various marine applications, including navigation, surveillance, and search and rescue operations.

Flir’s search and rescue systems, such as the FLIR M500 and FLIR M300, are specifically designed to assist in emergency situations. These systems provide thermal imaging capabilities, along with powerful searchlights and video tracking, aiding in the detection and recovery of individuals in distress.

PTW Shipyard proudly commercializes Flir’s range of thermal imaging and marine products. By offering Flir’s advanced solutions, PTW Shipyard ensures that yacht and superyacht owners have access to the latest thermal imaging technology, enhancing safety and security on board. The collaboration between PTW Shipyard and Flir highlights their commitment to delivering excellence and unparalleled customer satisfaction in the marine industry.

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