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Future Automation: Elevating Yacht Automation and Audiovisual Integration

Future Automation, a leader in motorized mounting solutions and automation technology, brings their expertise to the maritime industry, transforming yachts and superyachts into cutting-edge automated havens. ptw Shipyard proudly commercializes Future Automation’s extensive range of products, offering yacht owners seamless integration of automation and audiovisual systems.

Future Automation specializes in motorized mounting solutions that combine functionality, aesthetics, and space optimization. Their product range includes motorized TV lifts, swivel mounts, drop-down ceiling mounts, and hidden panel mechanisms, all designed to seamlessly integrate displays and projectors into onboard spaces. With Future Automation’s motorized solutions, yacht owners can effortlessly control the positioning and visibility of their screens, maximizing comfort and enhancing entertainment experiences.

When it comes to automation, Future Automation offers a comprehensive suite of control systems that simplify onboard operations. From lighting control to climate management and security systems, their automation solutions enable centralized control, enhancing convenience and energy efficiency. Future Automation’s intuitive interfaces and custom programming options allow yacht owners to create personalized scenes and schedules, optimizing onboard experiences.

Future Automation’s commitment to audiovisual integration is evident in their range of products designed specifically for marine environments. Their marine-specific motorized mechanisms and mounts ensure reliable and smooth operation even in challenging conditions, making them ideal for yacht installations. From motorized speaker mounts to retractable TV mounts, Future Automation’s marine solutions seamlessly blend technology with design, allowing yacht owners to create immersive audiovisual experiences on the high seas.

In addition to their motorized solutions, Future Automation offers bespoke design and engineering services to meet the unique needs of yacht owners. Their team of experts collaborates closely with ptw Shipyard to create custom solutions that enhance functionality, aesthetics, and space utilization. From hidden storage solutions to automated furniture, Future Automation’s ingenuity transforms yachts and superyachts into personalized luxury retreats.

Future Automation’s commitment to quality and reliability is reflected in their use of premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship. Their products undergo rigorous testing to ensure longevity and performance in marine environments. With Future Automation’s solutions, yacht owners can have peace of mind knowing that their onboard automation and audiovisual systems are built to withstand the demands of life at sea.

In conclusion, Future Automation is a game-changer in yacht automation and audiovisual integration. ptw Shipyard commercializes their extensive range of motorized mounting solutions and automation technology, offering yacht owners the opportunity to transform their vessels into smart and sophisticated havens. With Future Automation, yacht owners can embrace the future of automation and create seamless and immersive onboard experiences. Discover the possibilities that Future Automation brings to your yacht or superyacht and embark on a journey of elevated automation and audiovisual integration.

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