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ptw Shipyard updates their in-house paint facilities

New Paint Cabin Installation.

ptw Shipyard is finalizing the installation of their brand new paint cabin at their premises in Tarragona Port.  The in-house paint team will use this remarkable cabin for all paint and varnish work such as varnishing interior furniture and refinishing yacht parts like doors, yacht toys and tenders.

Keeping facilities up-to date to ensure top quality results.

Speaking with Manuel Gonzalez, Head of the Yacht Paint In-house Team at the shipyard in Tarragona, we learned that this new facility will allow in-house paint teams to deliver even better quality finishes faster. The results will transform worn and used features, restoring a brand new look, and will be used for smaller yacht items such as engine room parts, jet skis, tables and doors, items that require resins, fiberglass, acrylic paints, one and two-part varnishes and polyurethane for refinishing.

Yacht resale values depend on quality repaints.

The superyacht industry is booming and owners are naturally keen to keep up the resale value of their boat so regular repainting and good upkeep is vital. There is high demand for top quality paint work Mr. Gonzalez tells us, so it is vital that ptw Shipyard can continue to maintain their reputation for top quality results. This new paint cabin ensures that, and adds a faster turnout.

The future is bigger and brighter

As for the future, as superyachts and mega yachts continue to captivate the attention of the rich and famous the demand for bigger boats has ensured the future growth of the luxury yacht industry.  While bigger boats do bring more challenges when it comes to repaints, Mr. Gonzalez assures us the ptw Shipyard is well placed to go the distance.  The company is well positioned to continue growing their client base considerably over the coming years.  It will continue to update facilities at their home in Tarragona port and assist clients with yacht paint teams using specially equipped vehicles at other shipyards and ports along the Mediterranean coast.

Manolo González
Head of Yacht Paint – ptw Shipyard

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