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Why ptw Shipyard should be your first choice when in need of teak specialists

When it comes to nautical carpentry ptw Shipyard, a well-known yard in the refit and repair scene, is holding its own among the more established names on the mediterranean.  Their qualified in-house crafts teams are etching out a name for themselves when it comes to skill and reliability and the services they offer in teak are delighting clients across the globe.

Part of ptw Shipyard Carpentry & Interiors team.

There is no denying the iconic and luxurious finish teak brings to the overall look and appeal of a yacht.  Like that new car smell, a new teak deck on a superyacht is just a feast for the senses and instantly conjures up an overwhelming feeling of opulence and comfort.  Over the past few years ptw Shipyard Carpentry & Interiors team have honed their skills and ensured that every superyacht refit project they undertake is completed to perfection.  Always mindful of the integrity of the entire refit project, their attention to detail guarantees the very highest quality and highly satisfied customers every time.

Teak is the undisputed choice for superyachts.

Teak has a number of unique compositions which makes it ideal for yacht decks, it is a strong and durable hardwood and the oil it produces has a high wax content which provides it with a waterproof resistance so it has the ability to survive in wet environments. Not only is it the most impermeable wood available, but as it is grown in tropical climates it is not affected by mildew or mold, insects, alkalis or fungus so it does not rot or break down easily.  The overall result is an incredibly durable surface that produces a stunning and hard wearing finish.  To top it all off, the densely packed wood grain in teak produces a non-slip surface making it the safest surface for wet boat decks.

Teak is the obvious choice for superyacht owners.

The quality and beauty of wooden floors, fixtures and furniture can enhance the appearance and value of any vessel, restoring its interior and heightening its deck appeal. Teak has been used on boats and luxury yachts for centuries and will continue to be used for years to come. A teak deck always looks more luxurious and offers a higher resale value because for most people teak affords a superyacht that high end affluent finish that you instantly feel when you come aboard.

Specialist teak services available at ptw Shipyard.

ptw Shipyard pride themselves on being a team of customer friendly professionals who take pleasure in the work they do and it shows in the top quality result they produce.  The in-house team is made up of a group of very talented and creative perfectionists, who provide their clients with an array of teak solutions, no matter what the project entails.

In addition to decking services, which include the design and production of new or existing decks as well as the replacement of teak planks, their innovative and conscientious design teams are well versed in finding the right balance of style and functionality for all design aesthetics from the traditional to the super modern.  This creative and experienced team can bring any vision to life with their bespoke designed and custom fit decks, interiors and furniture.

Ideal facilities located in Tarragona’s beautiful historic port.

The expert team of ptw Shipyard’s in-house Carpentry & Interiors department is located in a 1500m2 on-site workshop at the companies’ home base in southern Catalonia in the northeast of Spain.  Over the past few years they have used these modern facilities to perfect their craft of repairing and replacing teak decks, fittings and furniture.

Their custom equipped workspace at the Tarragona shipyard can accommodate any project from simple deck panel replacement to complete replacement of a full teak deck for superyacht refit projects, while their highly accomplished team is a one-stop-shop for all things teak providing clients with durable and meticulous results.

State of the art precision with guaranteed durability

The experienced ptw Shipyard team operate with a fully digitalized deck designing system with onboard 3D laser measuring. Moreover, by using AutoCAD designs and deck layouts they give their clients full control and sign off approval of the entire project prior to the start of production. These cutting edge systems ensure that from the initial cut to the final sanding their client superyacht is always in safe and professional hands.

By applying Computer numerical control (CNC) manufacturing, top quality teak and the most up-to-date production techniques ptw Shipyard produces top quality deck covers and custom fit boat decks and guarantees that their highly qualified craftsmen produce reliable results every time.

To ensure the integrity of their teak deck the carpentry team uses only the most durable and adhesive processes of Vacuum gluing, also known as bagging. This leading edge and fastidious process guarantees results that are watertight. By keeping their systems and procedures up-to-date with all the latest techniques they produce only the very finest in teak turn-key solutions that never fail to impress our clients.

When it comes to that sumptuous and lavish feel you get when you first board a superyacht a spectacular teak deck plays a huge part in achieving that extravagant feel beneath your feet. There really is nothing better and you won’t find more dedicated and dependable craftsmen than the team at ptw Shipyard.  The extent of their in-house skills and services, their attention to detail and perfection makes them the breakthrough choice for superyachts needing teak work in and around the mediterranean.

As a superyacht owner you want only the very best craftsmen working on your yacht and based on their skills and reputation there is absolutely no doubt that the ptw Shipyard carpentry team offers you state of the art design and techniques as well as peace of mind and assurance that they will bring your vision to fruition.  Our friendly team of experts are on-hand and would be delighted to discuss your next project.  Please feel free to reach out to them with any questions or queries you might have.  Their skills and expertise are always at your disposal.

Rafa Ortega
Head of Carpentry & Interiors – ptw Shipyard
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