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ABB Marine, a division of the globally renowned ABB Group, is a pioneer in the field of marine technologies

With a heritage spanning over 130 years, ABB Marine has been at the forefront of technological advancements, delivering safe, efficient, and sustainable solutions for the maritime industry.

ABB Marine’s offerings span across a multitude of categories, including electric, digital, and connected solutions that enhance the performance and sustainability of ships and ports. These include electric propulsion, power generation and distribution systems, turbocharging, automation, control, and marine software.

The Azipod® electric propulsion system, one of ABB Marine’s flagship products, has revolutionized the maritime industry. The Azipod® system, known for its unparalleled manoeuvrability and efficiency, enables ships to navigate in all directions without the need for rudders and stern thrusters. It is a testament to ABB Marine’s commitment to sustainable and efficient maritime operations.

ABB Marine’s Onboard DC Grid™ is another noteworthy offering. It is a step-change in optimized propulsion and power generation. The system allows engines to run at variable speeds for top fuel efficiency at each load level, reducing both fuel consumption and emissions.

In the realm of power generation and distribution, ABB Marine’s solutions, such as the generators and transformers, stand out for their reliability and efficiency. These products ensure a stable power supply, safeguarding the smooth operation of all onboard systems.

ABB Marine’s turbocharging technologies also play a crucial role in enhancing ship performance. ABB turbochargers help to improve engine efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and lower emission levels, contributing to the overall sustainability of marine operations.

ABB Marine’s automation and control solutions, including the Integrated Automation System (IAS) and the OCTOPUS marine software, offer comprehensive control over ship functions. They provide real-time data, enabling informed decision-making and optimized performance.

The brand’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and sustainability has made it a trusted partner in the marine industry. ABB Marine not only meets the demands of today’s maritime operations but also anticipates future challenges, continually investing in research and development to drive the industry forward.

Here are some of the key products:

1. Azipod® Propulsion Systems: These electric propulsion units provide superior manoeuvrability and fuel efficiency, making them ideal for yachts and superyachts.
2. Onboard DC Grid™: This power distribution system allows for variable engine speeds, improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions.
3. Marine Generators: ABB’s generators are designed to provide reliable power supply to all onboard systems.
4. Marine Transformers: Used for efficient power distribution, ABB’s marine transformers are compact, reliable, and designed to withstand harsh marine environments.
5. Turbochargers: ABB’s turbochargers enhance engine performance, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce emissions.
6. Integrated Automation System (IAS): ABB’s IAS provides comprehensive control over various ship functions, improving safety and efficiency.
7. OCTOPUS Marine Software: This software suite enables real-time monitoring and optimization of performance across a variety of parameters, including fuel efficiency and route planning.
8. Shore Connection Solutions: These systems allow yachts to draw power from shore-based sources when docked, reducing the need for onboard power generation and contributing to lower emissions.
9. Battery Energy Storage Systems: These systems store excess energy produced by the yacht’s generators, which can then be used when demand is high, improving overall energy efficiency.
10. Electric Motors: Used in various applications on yachts and superyachts, from propulsion to onboard systems, ABB’s electric motors are known for their reliability and efficiency.

ptw Shipyard is pleased to incorporate ABB Marine’s state-of-the-art marine technologies in its projects. Recognizing the importance of efficiency, sustainability, and reliability in yacht operations, we are committed to delivering these values to our clients through ABB Marine’s cutting-edge solutions.

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