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Sika is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of high-performance, innovative products for the marine industry, with over 100 years of experience

With a strong commitment to sustainability, Sika’s comprehensive product range includes sealants, adhesives, coatings, and acoustic and vibration control systems, specifically designed for yacht and superyacht applications.
Sealants and Adhesives: Sika’s marine sealants and adhesives offer exceptional bonding, sealing, and weatherproofing properties for various applications, such as bonding teak decks, sealing windows and hatches, and bonding structural components. Notable products include Sikaflex®-291i and Sikaflex®-298, which are highly versatile, easy to use, and deliver long-lasting performance.

Coatings: Sika’s high-performance coatings provide superior protection and finish to yacht exteriors and interiors. Sika’s marine coatings range encompasses antifouling coatings, topcoats, and primers, offering excellent resistance against abrasion, UV radiation, and harsh marine environments. Products like Sikagard® Marine range of coatings deliver exceptional results for lasting aesthetics and protection.

Acoustic and Vibration Control Systems: Sika’s advanced acoustic and vibration control solutions, such as SikaBaffle®, SikaDamp®, and SikaSwell®, ensure a comfortable and quiet onboard experience. These innovative products effectively reduce noise and vibration transmission within the vessel, enhancing the overall yachting experience for both owners and guests.

Flooring Systems: Sika offers a variety of marine flooring solutions designed for durability, comfort, and aesthetics. The Sikafloor® Marine range includes decorative and functional flooring systems that meet the specific requirements of yacht and superyacht interiors, ensuring a high-quality finish and long-lasting performance.

Complementary Products: Sika also provides a wide range of complementary products for the marine industry, including cleaners, primers, and application tools, ensuring the proper preparation, application, and maintenance of their products for optimum results.

ptw Shipyard is proud to work with Sika’s exceptional product line to provide yacht and superyacht owners with the highest quality solutions for their vessels. Sika’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and superior performance aligns perfectly with ptw Shipyard’s dedication to excellence in yacht repair, maintenance, and refit services.

Sika offers various products for the marine industry which includes but is not limited to:

  1. Structural Bonding: Includes high strength, durable adhesives for bonding large components.
  2. Sealing: A range of sealants for watertight and weather-resistant seals.
  3. Flooring: Solutions for decorative and protective floor coverings.
  4. Sound Dampening: Solutions to reduce noise and vibration.
  5. Protective Coatings: Coatings to protect against corrosion and other damaging factors.

For the marine industry, this might include:

  • SikaBond: A line of adhesive products used for bonding in construction and industrial applications.
  • Sikaflex: A range of sealants and adhesives known for their flexibility and durability, commonly used in the marine industry for applications like sealing decks to hulls.
  • Sikadur: An epoxy-based adhesive system for heavy-duty applications.
  • SikaTack: A line of adhesive products specifically designed for the automotive industry, but may also have marine applications.
  • SikaCor: A range of corrosion protection products.
  • SikaComfortFloor: A line of products designed for decorative and protective floor coverings.

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