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12 Powerful Tips for Mastering Yacht Propeller Maintenance for Optimal Performance

With these essential tips and our expertise in yacht propeller maintenance, you can navigate the high seas with confidence.

Yacht propeller maintenance is the cornerstone of ensuring your vessel performs flawlessly on the water. When it comes to your yacht’s performance, don’t overlook the unsung heroes – the PROPELLERS. These mighty spinners power you through the waves, but without proper TLC, they can leave you stranded. As Caterpillar authorized dealer and service provider, we’re […]

Sail Into Savings: 8 Essential Tips for Your Summer Yacht Refit

Learn 8 irresistibly tempting ways to rev up your summer yacht refit and sail into the off-season like a boss!

When it comes to yacht refits, summer might not be the obvious choice. But why not embrace the seasonal vibes and give your vessel a summer yacht refit? A summer makeover. At ptw Shipyard, we’re all about adding that extra sparkle to your yacht refit experience. Let’s explore why choosing us for your summer yacht […]

Yacht Agency: 7 Ways to Discover Excellence in Yachting Services

In the world of luxury yachting, where every detail matters and excellence is the standard, finding the right yacht agency to cater to your needs is paramount. Whether you’re seeking seamless procurement, impeccable logistics, or guest services, the right yacht agency can make all the difference.  

Superyacht Refit and Repairs: Best Complete One-Stop with ptw Shipyard

Enter the world of superyacht refit and repair as Nautical Digital sits down with Xavier Mercado, the CEO and Co-Founder of ptw Shipyard in Tarragona, Spain, for an engaging interview.  Discover how a lifelong passion for the sea and yachting led to the establishment of ptw Shipyard and its pivotal role in the superyacht refit […]

Yacht Interiors: More Than 5 Latest Trends in Expanding Luxury

yacht interiors at its best

Welcome to an exciting exploration of the latest trends in expanding luxury yacht interiors. We thought to delve into the world of interior design for superyachts and discover the innovative and stylish concepts that are shaping the industry. From the prime real estate of exterior decks to the fusion of modern and retro elements, we […]

7 Top Awesome Superyacht Shows You Can’t Miss

The recent global pandemic has greatly impacted superyacht shows and exhibitions worldwide. However, the good news is that it seems we have overcome the restrictions and towards the end of 2021 and the start of 2022, many of our beloved superyacht shows and exhibitions will return to the event calendar. ptw Shipyard has listed their […]

Discover 7-must see attractions in Tarragona during your superyacht repair

There are many great reasons to visit Tarragona, from blue flag golden sandy beaches and sizzling hot summer sunshine, a huge variety of entertainment and activities, to top class restaurants, bars and culinary delights.  So if you are wondering what to do in this ancient port city while your yacht is at the shipyard or […]