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Control4 is a leading brand in smart home automation systems, and their expertise extends to the marine industry with their comprehensive range of smart yacht solutions

With Control4, yacht owners can elevate their onboard experience to new levels of convenience, comfort, and control.

Control4 offers a diverse range of products and solutions designed specifically for yachts and superyachts. Their smart yacht solutions integrate seamlessly with onboard systems, allowing for centralized management and control of various functionalities. From lighting and climate control to audio/video distribution and security systems, Control4 provides a comprehensive ecosystem that enhances the yachting experience.

One of Control4’s standout products is their intuitive and user-friendly control interfaces. These touch screens, keypads, and mobile apps provide easy access to all connected systems and allow users to customize and personalize their yacht’s environment with just a few taps. Whether it’s adjusting the lighting to set the perfect ambience, controlling the temperature for optimal comfort, or managing audio/video distribution throughout the yacht, Control4 puts the power at the owner’s fingertips.

Furthermore, Control4’s smart yacht solutions enable seamless integration with other leading marine brands, allowing for a fully connected and integrated system. Whether it’s partnering with renowned audio brands for high-quality sound reproduction or collaborating with security experts to ensure the safety and protection of the yacht, Control4’s compatibility with a wide range of products ensures a tailored and comprehensive solution.

With Control4, yacht owners can create customized scenes and automation routines that reflect their unique preferences and needs. Imagine waking up to the gentle rise of the shades, the perfect temperature, and your favorite music playing softly in the background—all effortlessly controlled through a single interface.

As a respected distributor of Control4, ptw Shipyard offers these cutting-edge smart yacht solutions to their clients. By partnering with Control4, ptw Shipyard ensures that their customers have access to the latest advancements in smart home automation technology, providing them with unparalleled convenience, comfort, and control onboard their yachts.

Here are some of the most popular Control4 products used in yachts and superyachts:

1. Control4 Touch Screen: A sleek and intuitive interface for controlling all aspects of your onboard systems.
2. Control4 Lighting Control: Effortlessly adjust lighting scenes and create the perfect ambiance throughout your yacht.
3. Control4 Multi-Room Audio: Enjoy high-quality audio in every area of your yacht, with the ability to stream music from various sources.
4. Control4 Video Distribution: Seamlessly distribute video content to multiple displays, allowing for entertainment in every room.
5. Control4 Climate Control: Maintain the perfect temperature onboard with advanced climate control solutions.
6. Control4 Security Integration: Ensure the safety and security of your yacht with integrated surveillance cameras, access control, and alarm systems.
7. Control4 Motorized Shades: Enhance privacy and control natural light with motorized shades that can be easily adjusted from anywhere onboard.

These are just a few examples of the extensive Control4 product range designed to enhance the luxury and convenience of yachts and superyachts.

Experience the future of smart yachting with Control4 and ptw Shipyard, where luxury and technology converge to create extraordinary onboard experiences. Visit ptw Shipyard’s website to learn more about their range of Control4 products and how they can transform your yacht into a truly intelligent and connected living space.

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