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Kohler – Premium Marine Generators and Power Systems for Yachts and Superyachts

Kohler is a globally renowned manufacturer of premium marine generators and power systems, specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of yachts and superyachts. With a strong commitment to innovation, performance, and reliability, Kohler has built a solid reputation in the marine industry for providing yacht owners, captains, and industry professionals with dependable power generation solutions for their vessels.

One of the primary product lines offered by Kohler is its range of marine generators, which are meticulously engineered to deliver outstanding performance, reliability, and durability, even in the most challenging marine environments. Kohler’s marine generators are available in a wide range of power outputs and configurations, ensuring that there is an ideal solution for every yacht and superyacht application.

The Kohler Marine Generator series includes several models, such as the 6EKOD, which is designed for small to medium-sized yachts requiring a compact yet powerful generator. With its advanced sound shield technology, robust construction, and user-friendly controls, the 6EKOD ensures a quiet, efficient, and reliable power generation solution.

For larger yachts and superyachts, Kohler offers the 40EOZDJ and 65EOZDJ models, which are designed to deliver increased power output, exceptional fuel efficiency, and unparalleled reliability. These generators are equipped with advanced features, such as digital voltage regulation, low CO emissions, and an optimized cooling system, ensuring compliance with the latest environmental regulations and delivering optimal performance under the most demanding conditions.

In addition to its marine generator offerings, Kohler also provides a range of innovative power system solutions, such as the Kohler Decision-Maker 3500 (DEC3500) paralleling controller. This advanced controller allows yacht owners and captains to synchronize and parallel multiple Kohler generators, ensuring optimal power distribution and load sharing while reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

Kohler’s commitment to innovation, performance, and reliability has earned the brand numerous accolades and endorsements from yacht owners, captains, and industry professionals worldwide. With their comprehensive range of marine generators and power solutions, Kohler is the go-to brand for those seeking the ultimate in power generation for their yacht or superyacht.

ptw Shipyard proudly offers the benefits of Kohler’s exceptional product range to its clients, ensuring that every yacht and superyacht under their care is equipped with the highest level of power generation and reliability. Trust in the expertise of ptw Shipyard and the unparalleled quality of Kohler products to keep your vessel in pristine condition, maximizing your enjoyment and return on investment.

  • Kohler 5ECD – 5 kW Marine Generator
  • Kohler 7.5EKD – 7.5 kW Marine Generator
  • Kohler 11EKD – 11 kW Marine Generator
  • Kohler 13EKD – 13 kW Marine Generator
  • Kohler 15.5EKD – 15.5 kW Marine Generator
  • Kohler 23EKD – 23 kW Marine Generator
  • Kohler 27EFOZD – 27 kW Marine Generator
  • Kohler 32EFOZD – 32 kW Marine Generator
  • Kohler 40EFOZD – 40 kW Marine Generator
  • Kohler 55EFOZD – 55 kW Marine Generator

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