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Functional and stylish tailormade yacht solutions

FlowGrill, a premier manufacturer of ventilation louvres, has been an industry leader for over three decades, providing high-quality solutions for yacht and superyacht ventilation needs.
Ventilation grilles that are fully integrated into the yacht. True, custom design pieces. That’s what FlowGrill is known for. Offering a wide range of products, FlowGrill ensures optimal airflow and filtering for various types of yachts, prioritizing reliability, performance, and design. They have been a well-known player for new build yards and also increasingly focusing on the refit market.

Superior performance
FlowGrill’s ventilation louvres and complementing products are engineered to achieve superior performance, offering a balance between design, airflow and noise reduction. Available in various materials, such as aluminium and composite. The louvres are designed to blend seamlessly within any superyacht’s exterior, enhancing its overall appearance. Each product is designed with attention to detail and manufactured using high-grade materials to ensure durability, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

Highest quality
FlowGrill is known for its commitment to innovation and sustainability, continuously seeking to improve its products and incorporate eco-friendly materials and practices.
Ventilation grills are particularly susceptible to high levels of corrosion when fitted onboard luxury superyachts. In collaboration with different international leading companies, FlowGrill has developed a new revolutionary quality improvement: a combination of powder coating and wet paint named the ‘hybrid coating system’. The new hybrid coating system ensures a decreased sensitivity to damage and cracks due to the layers being far stronger and more durable, as well as achieving a superior level of paint coverage around the edges.

Extensive range
ptw Shipyard is proud to make FlowGrill’s high-quality ventilation solutions available to its clients. With a focus on performance, design, and innovation, FlowGrill’s extensive range of products can cater to the specific ventilation requirements of any yacht or superyacht, ensuring a carefree and enjoyable experience on the water.
The product range includes:

  • Standard ventilation louvres: these are available in various sizes and designs, suitable for a variety of yacht models.
  • Custom ventilation louvres: these grilles are tailor-made according to the specific design and utility preferences of individual yachts or superyachts.
  • Mist Eliminators
  • Wiremesh filters
  • Life raft Launchers
  • Special Anti Corrosion treatment
  • CFD – airflow calculations
  • On-board consulting

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