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Boero Yachting Coatings – Premium Marine Paint Solutions for Yachts and Superyachts

Boero Yachting Coatings is a leading global provider of premium marine paint solutions for yachts and superyachts, offering a comprehensive range of high-quality products that cater to every aspect of vessel maintenance, repair, and refit. With a strong commitment to innovation, quality, and environmental sustainability, Boero Yachting Coatings has established a strong reputation in the yachting industry for delivering exceptional results and ensuring the long-lasting beauty and protection of your vessel.

Boero’s extensive product portfolio includes a diverse selection of coatings designed for various applications, including antifouling, primers, fillers, topcoats, and varnishes. Each product is meticulously formulated to deliver optimal performance, durability, and aesthetics while adhering to the most stringent environmental standards.

One of Boero Yachting Coatings’ flagship products is the Challenger Pro Antifouling line. This self-polishing, copper-based antifouling paint offers exceptional protection against marine fouling and outstanding performance in a wide range of conditions. With its advanced formulation and high copper content, Challenger Pro provides long-lasting protection and reduced maintenance requirements for yacht owners, ensuring optimal vessel performance and efficiency.
In addition to their antifouling products, Boero offers a range of high-quality primers and fillers designed to prepare your yacht’s surfaces for painting. One standout product in this category is the Epiglass Epoxy Primer, a versatile and high-performance primer suitable for use on both metal and fiberglass surfaces. Its excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance properties make it an ideal choice for a wide variety of marine applications, including osmosis prevention and repair, as well as metal and aluminum protection.

Boero’s topcoat offerings are equally impressive, with their SuperTec Topcoat being a prime example of the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation. This two-component polyurethane topcoat offers exceptional gloss and color retention, ensuring your yacht’s finish remains vibrant and stunning for years to come. SuperTec’s advanced UV resistance and durability make it the perfect choice for maintaining the beauty and protection of your yacht or superyacht in even the most challenging marine environments.

The brand also takes pride in its range of varnishes, with the Veneziani Woodline being a notable example. This high-quality, single-component polyurethane varnish provides a durable and long-lasting finish for your yacht’s wood surfaces, offering excellent resistance to weathering, UV radiation, and abrasion. Its high-build formula and exceptional clarity make it an ideal choice for enhancing the natural beauty and grain of your vessel’s woodwork.

Boero Yachting Coatings’ dedication to innovation, performance, and sustainability has earned the brand numerous accolades and endorsements from yacht owners, captains, and industry professionals alike. With their comprehensive range of antifouling, primers, fillers, topcoats, and varnishes, Boero Yachting Coatings is the go-to brand for those seeking the ultimate in protection and aesthetic appeal for their yacht or superyacht.

ptw Shipyard is proud to offer the benefits of Boero Yachting Coatings’ exceptional product range to its clients, ensuring that every yacht and superyacht under their care receives the highest level of protection and beauty. Trust in the expertise of PTWptwShipyard and the unparalleled quality of Boero Yachting Coatings to keep your vessel in pristine condition, maximizing your enjoyment and return on investment.

Antifouling Coatings:

  • Boero Scirocco
  • Boero Sharkskin
  • Boero Aquatrek
  • Boero Arancio
  • Boero Altura
  • Boero Eterna
  • Boero Gavio


  • Boero Primer U
  • Boero Primer 713
  • Boero Primer 717
  • Boero Primer 720
  • Boero Primer 721


  • Boero ColorGloss
  • Boero Colorline
  • Boero Cerakote
  • Boero GlobalTop
  • Boero Classic


  • Boero Thinner 100
  • Boero Thinner 200
  • Boero Thinner 300
  • Boero Thinner 400


  • Boero Satin Additive
  • Boero Flow Additive
  • Boero Non-Slip Additive
  • Boero Gloss Additive
  • Boero Fast Additive


  • Boero Epoxy Filler
  • Boero Spatula Filler
  • Boero Fine Filler
  • Boero Universal Filler


  • Boero Vernitek
  • Boero Transparente
  • Boero Re-Flex
  • Boero Velox Plus

Boero Yacht Coatings:

  • Antifouling Coatings: Including self-polishing and erodible antifouling paints for effective protection against marine growth on boat hulls.
  • Primers: Including primers specifically designed to provide excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance as a base coat for subsequent paint applications.
  • Topcoats: Including high-performance topcoat paints for achieving a durable and attractive finish on boat surfaces.
  • Thinners: Including a range of thinners formulated to be compatible with Boero Yacht Coatings products for proper application and consistency.
  • Additives: Including various additives that can be mixed with coatings to modify properties such as drying time, gloss, and anti-slip characteristics.
  • Fillers: Including fillers designed to repair and fill imperfections on boat surfaces before applying coatings.
  • Varnishes: Including varnish products for enhancing and protecting the natural beauty of wood surfaces on yachts and boats.

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