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Intellian is a leading provider of cutting-edge satellite communication solutions for the maritime industry

With a focus on innovation and reliability, Intellian offers a wide range of products designed to enhance connectivity, entertainment, and operational efficiency onboard yachts and superyachts.

Intellian’s extensive product lineup includes:

1. VSAT Antennas: Intellian’s VSAT antennas deliver high-performance connectivity, enabling seamless broadband communication and reliable data transfer even in remote locations.
2. TVRO Antennas: Experience premium satellite television reception with Intellian’s TVRO antennas, offering a wide range of coverage and compatibility with various satellite networks.
3. FleetBroadband Antennas: Stay connected at sea with Intellian’s FleetBroadband antennas, providing high-speed data and voice communication via satellite.
4. Global Xpress (GX) Antennas: Intellian’s GX antennas offer high-throughput connectivity, enabling fast and reliable broadband services using Inmarsat’s Global Xpress network.
5. Iridium Certus Antennas: Intellian’s Iridium Certus antennas ensure reliable and global satellite communication, supporting voice and data services in remote areas.
6. Intellian One: Intellian One is a comprehensive connectivity solution that combines VSAT and LTE networks, ensuring seamless and uninterrupted connectivity for yachts.

Intellian’s products are known for their superior performance, ease of use, and robust construction, making them ideal for the demanding marine environment. They are designed to enhance onboard communication, entertainment, and operational capabilities, allowing yacht owners, guests, and crew members to stay connected and enjoy a seamless experience at sea.

As an authorized distributor of Intellian products, ptw Shipyard proudly offers their full range of solutions to its customers. With ptw Shipyard’s expertise and Intellian’s cutting-edge technology, yacht owners can enjoy reliable and advanced satellite communication systems onboard their vessels. Visit ptw Shipyard’s website to explore the range of Intellian products available and find the perfect solution for your yacht’s communication needs.

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