International, a globally recognized brand and a division of AkzoNobel, has been delivering cutting-edge marine coatings and yacht care solutions for more than a century. With a strong commitment to innovation, quality, and performance, International offers a comprehensive range of products specifically designed to protect and enhance the appearance of yachts and superyachts, ensuring that they remain in pristine condition.

International’s product portfolio encompasses a vast selection of antifouling coatings, topcoats, primers, varnishes, and yacht care products, all engineered to meet the diverse needs of the yacht and superyacht industry. The brand’s flagship antifouling coating, Micron 77, is renowned for its exceptional self-polishing performance and long-lasting protection against fouling, providing yacht owners with peace of mind and reduced maintenance costs.

International’s topcoats, such as the highly acclaimed Perfection Pro, offer a stunning high-gloss finish that is both durable and UV-resistant, ensuring that yachts retain their lustrous appearance for years to come. For surface preparation, International provides a range of primers, including the widely used Interprotect, a versatile epoxy primer renowned for its excellent adhesion and barrier coat properties.

The brand also offers an array of varnishes and yacht care products, such as the Goldspar Satin varnish, which delivers a beautiful satin finish while providing excellent UV protection and abrasion resistance. International’s yacht care products, including the Super Cleaner and Gel Wash, are designed to maintain the vessel’s pristine appearance with minimal effort.
International’s commitment to quality is further demonstrated through its technical support and training services, ensuring that customers achieve optimal results when using their marine coatings and yacht care solutions.

PTW Shipyard is pleased to offer International’s extensive range of marine coatings and yacht care products, catering to the unique needs of yacht and superyacht repair, maintenance, and refit projects.

Here is a list of their product categories and specific products:

  1. Antifouling
    • Micron 350
    • Micron Extra 2
    • Cruiser 250
    • Trilux 33
    • Boatguard 100
    • Interspeed Ultra 2
    • VC 17m Extra
    • Interspeed 6400
    • Trilux Prop-O-Drev
  2. Primers
    • Primocon
    • Interprotect
    • Gelshield 200
    • Etch Primer
    • Interprime 880
  3. Topcoats
    • Toplac
    • Interdeck
    • Perfection
    • Pre-Kote
    • Goldspar Satin
    • Super Gloss HS
  4. Thinners
    • Thinner No.1
    • Thinner No.3
    • Thinner No.7
    • Thinner No.9
  5. Varnishes
    • Original
    • Goldspar
    • Compass
    • Schooner
    • Woodskin
    • Clear Wood Sealer
  6. Fillers
    • Watertite
    • Interfill 830
    • Interfill 833
  7. Boat Care
    • Super Cleaner
    • Liquid Rubbing
    • Boat Shampoo
    • Wax Sealer
    • Teak Restorer
    • Teak Oil
    • Teak Brightener

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Yacht Paint

Coatings Specialists: Obtaining the finest results available in the yacht paint industry, here at our shipyard we offer a fully dedicated Yacht Paint in-house department. Our team with over twenty years of experience in the super yacht arena will provide the highest standards reaching your expectations. Superior contractual standards and a constant application and surface controls will certify and warrant each job.

  • Finishing and Refinishing.
  • Superyacht painting.
  • Total or partial refits.
  • Priming, fairing & top coating.
  • Restoration refinishing.
  • Touch up & repair work.
  • Professional scaffolding sheds.
  • Contractual and warranty jobs.