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Northern Lights, a leading global manufacturer of marine generator sets, is renowned for its high-quality power solutions designed specifically for the yacht and superyacht market.

With a strong focus on innovation, reliability, and durability, Northern Lights offers a comprehensive range of marine diesel generators that cater to a wide variety of power requirements, starting from 4.5 kW up to 358 kW.

Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, Northern Lights generators are designed to operate with minimal noise and vibration, ensuring a comfortable experience for yacht owners and guests. The M-Series generators, a popular choice for the maritime industry, feature a compact design, making them suitable for space-limited installations. The M-Series is available in both 50 Hz and 60 Hz configurations and includes models like the M844W3, M944T3, and M1066T2.

Another notable product line is the W-Series, which focuses on providing power solutions for larger vessels. The W-Series generators are equipped with the latest Tier 3 and IMO Tier II emissions standards, making them a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice. The range includes models such as the W944T2, W1064T2, and W1304T2, which offer robust performance and exceptional fuel efficiency.

Northern Lights also offers customized solutions with their Lugger marine engines, designed for propulsion and auxiliary power needs. These engines are known for their longevity, fuel efficiency, and ease of maintenance, making them a popular choice for yacht owners worldwide.

In addition to their core products, Northern Lights provides a wide selection of accessories and complementary systems, including exhaust systems, sound enclosures, power take-offs (PTO), and remote monitoring systems. These additional components enable customers to tailor their power solutions to their specific requirements, ensuring an optimal and seamless integration with their vessel’s existing systems.

PTW Shipyard is proud to offer its clients access to Northern Lights’ cutting-edge marine power solutions. With a commitment to providing superior products, expert guidance, and exceptional customer service, PTW Shipyard ensures that yacht and superyacht owners receive the best possible power solutions to meet their unique needs.

Northern Lights offers a wide range of marine generators. Here’s a general idea of their offerings:

  • M673LD3: This model has a power output of 5kW.
  • M673L3: This model has a power output of 6kW.
  • M753K.3: This model has a power output of 8kW.
  • M843NW3.3: This model has a power output of 12kW.
  • M844W3.3: This model has a power output of 16kW.
  • M844DW3: This model has a power output of 20kW.
  • M944T: This model has a power output of 30kW.
  • M944W3: This model has a power output of 38kW.
  • M1064T: This model has a power output of 40kW.
  • M1064W: This model has a power output of 50kW.
  • M1066T3: This model has a power output of 65kW.
  • M1066W3: This model has a power output of 75kW.
  • M1066A3: This model has a power output of 85kW.
  • M1066H3: This model has a power output of 99kW.
  • M1066T2: This model has a power output of 90kW.
  • M1066W2: This model has a power output of 100kW.
  • M1066A2: This model has a power output of 120kW.
  • M1066H2: This model has a power output of 135kW.

Their main offerings:

  • Marine Generators: Northern Lights offers a wide range of marine diesel generators, renowned for their dependability and ease of maintenance. They are designed for a variety of applications, including yachts and superyachts.
  • Marine Lugger Propulsion Engines: These are reliable and robust diesel engines designed for marine applications. They are known for their long life, durability, and fuel efficiency.
  • Land-Based Generators: Though primarily designed for land-based applications, these generators could also find utility in large-scale yachts or superyachts, where a consistent and reliable power source is essential.
  • Parts & Accessories: Northern Lights provides a wide array of parts and accessories to support their products, including filters, belts, impellers, and maintenance kits.
  • Northern Lights Controls: This includes a range of advanced digital and analog control options for the generators and engines.
  • Technicold Marine HVAC: Technicold products, by Northern Lights, are marine climate control systems. This line includes chillers, direct expansion systems, air handlers, and controls, designed specifically for harsh marine conditions.

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