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KVH is a leading provider of maritime connectivity and satellite communication solutions for yachts and superyachts

Their extensive range of products and services ensures reliable and high-speed internet access, seamless voice communication, and entertainment options for discerning marine enthusiasts.

KVH specializes in advanced satellite systems, including their award-winning TracPhone series. These systems offer global coverage, enabling yacht owners to stay connected even in remote locations. With high-speed data rates and flexible airtime plans, KVH provides fast and efficient internet connectivity, allowing for smooth streaming, browsing, and communication on board.

One of KVH’s standout offerings is their mini-VSAT Broadband network, which utilizes advanced satellite technology to deliver high-speed internet access. This network provides fast, reliable, and secure connectivity for data-intensive applications, such as video conferencing, cloud-based services, and remote monitoring.

In addition to connectivity, KVH offers a range of entertainment solutions to enhance the onboard experience. Their TracVision series provides satellite TV reception, allowing yacht owners and guests to enjoy their favourite shows and movies while at sea. The TracVision systems are designed for easy installation and offer access to a wide selection of satellite TV channels.

For reliable voice communication, KVH offers their TracPhone VHF series, which provides clear and efficient ship-to-shore and ship-to-ship communication. With advanced features such as digital selective calling (DSC) and built-in GPS, these systems ensure reliable and effective communication during critical situations.

KVH’s commitment to innovation and excellence is reflected in their industry-leading products, such as the TracVision TV5, TracPhone V3-HTS, and TracPhone V7-HTS. These products have been engineered to deliver exceptional performance and reliability, meeting the demanding requirements of yacht and superyacht owners.

By partnering with KVH, ptw Shipyard offers their customers access to cutting-edge maritime connectivity and communication solutions. ptw Shipyard recognizes the importance of staying connected and entertained while on board, and by providing KVH’s products, they ensure that their clients can enjoy seamless internet access, reliable voice communication, and entertainment options that rival those available on land.

Experience the power of KVH’s advanced satellite systems and unlock a new level of connectivity and entertainment on your yacht or superyacht. With ptw Shipyard as your partner, you can count on their expertise in commercializing KVH’s exceptional range of products.

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