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LIQUI MOLY, a globally renowned German company, is celebrated for its comprehensive, high-quality range of oils, additives, and service products in the maritime sector

With a rich history dating back to 1957, the company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and performance has cemented its status as a trusted leader in marine lubrication technology.

One of LIQUI MOLY’s flagship product ranges is its Marine Motor Oils, specifically formulated to meet the exacting demands of marine engines. Whether for inboard or outboard engines, diesel or gasoline, LIQUI MOLY offers a variety of engine oils that deliver optimal protection against wear, excellent temperature resistance, and improved engine performance.

Another key offering is the company’s Marine Additives. These products are designed to solve various problems and enhance the performance of marine engines. From fuel system cleaners to oil additives that reduce friction and wear, these products ensure the longevity and reliability of your marine engine.

The Marine Care & Protect range is an essential part of LIQUI MOLY’s product portfolio. This range includes products designed to protect and maintain the appearance and functionality of your yacht or superyacht. From corrosion inhibitors to boat wax, these products keep your vessel looking its best and help prevent the damaging effects of harsh marine conditions.

LIQUI MOLY’s Marine Service Products is a range dedicated to ensuring the smooth operation of your vessel. This includes products for cleaning, maintaining, and repairing various parts of your vessel. Whether it’s an engine cleaner, a coolant, or a sealant, these service products help to maximize the operational efficiency and longevity of your yacht or superyacht.

An exemplary product within LIQUI MOLY’s lineup is the Marine High Performance Gear Oil. This fully synthetic gear oil offers exceptional wear protection and excellent resistance to ageing, making it ideal for high-load applications in marine environments.

Furthermore, the company’s commitment to research, development, and quality assurance is evident in its state-of-the-art labs and production facilities. LIQUI MOLY continuously invests in these areas, ensuring their products remain at the forefront of the industry, setting standards, and surpassing expectations.

ptw Shipyard is proud to commercialize LIQUI MOLY’s products. Their superior range of marine lubricants, additives, and service products align perfectly with ptw Shipyard’s dedication to providing the highest quality yacht and superyacht maintenance, refit, and repair services. Their shared commitment to quality, performance, and customer satisfaction makes this collaboration a natural fit.

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