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Newmar, founded in 1979, has established itself as a key player in the design and manufacturing of DC power products

With a proven track record of delivering high-quality, reliable solutions, Newmar powers some of the most critical communication, navigation, and entertainment systems aboard yachts and superyachts.

Newmar’s product lineup is broad, encompassing a comprehensive range of DC power solutions designed to meet the specific needs of the marine industry. These include battery chargers, power supplies, DC converters, DC UPS, power distribution units, and battery monitors.

The PT Series of battery chargers from Newmar is a significant offering. These battery chargers are known for their robust construction, advanced charging technology, and ability to withstand harsh marine environments. With their precise voltage regulation and multi-stage charging, they ensure optimal battery health and longevity.

Newmar’s Phase Three Smart Battery Chargers are also noteworthy. These chargers use smart technology to provide the appropriate charging profile for each battery type, thereby ensuring maximum battery performance and lifespan. They are designed to withstand the rigors of the marine environment, providing reliable service in the face of moisture, salt, shock, and vibration.

The brand’s power supplies, such as the heavy-duty RM series and the lightweight, compact ABC series, provide clean, reliable DC power to onboard electronics. These power supplies are designed for rugged reliability and peak performance, ensuring the smooth operation of critical systems.

Newmar’s DC converters stand out for their ability to provide stable, filtered DC output from a variable DC input. Notable offerings in this category include the DC-DC Step Up and Step Down Converters. These converters protect sensitive electronics from voltage fluctuations, ensuring their safe and reliable operation.

The brand’s power distribution units, like the DST-20A, offer efficient, organized power distribution and circuit protection. They enable safe and straightforward power management, ensuring that every system onboard gets the power it needs without overloading the circuits.

Newmar’s battery monitors, such as the Digital Volt and Amp Meter, provide real-time monitoring of battery status. These devices help prevent battery damage due to over-discharge and ensure optimal battery performance.

Newmar’s commitment to quality, reliability, and innovation is evident in each of its products. The brand takes pride in its ability to provide integrated, efficient, and reliable power solutions that meet the unique needs of the marine industry.

ptw Shipyard is pleased to offer Newmar’s comprehensive range of DC power solutions. We understand that reliable, efficient power management is crucial to the luxury yacht experience. With Newmar’s innovative products, we aim to create an onboard environment that embodies safety, convenience, and performance.

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