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Hempel, an illustrious name in the maritime industry, is a global leader renowned for its commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability

Established in 1915, the brand has amassed over a century of experience, expertise, and dedication, catering to a diverse range of industries with a special focus on the maritime sector.

In the realm of super yacht maintenance, repair, and refit, Hempel’s wide array of product offerings is designed to protect and preserve the beauty and performance of these exquisite vessels. The brand’s commitment to research and development is reflected in the sophistication and effectiveness of its products, which serve to protect the structural integrity of super yachts, while also enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

Hempel’s portfolio covers every need of the super yacht, ranging from the hull to the superstructure. Their product lines are broadly categorized into anti-fouling coatings, protective coatings, and decorative paints. Each of these categories boasts a variety of products, making Hempel a one-stop-shop for super yacht maintenance needs.

Hempel’s anti-fouling coatings are celebrated for their high performance, durability, and environmentally-friendly properties. Among them, the Hempaguard X7 is a standout product, providing outstanding protection against fouling in all waters, and boasting an impressive fuel saving potential. This advanced solution, backed by patented Actiguard technology, offers a smooth and clean hull, contributing to fuel efficiency and reduced maintenance requirements.

In the protective coatings category, Hempel’s versatile products are designed to safeguard super yachts against the harshest marine environments. The Hempadur range, in particular, provides exceptional resistance against corrosion and abrasion. The Hempadur Multi-Strength 45751, for instance, is a two-component polyamide adduct cured epoxy paint, known for its strong resistance to water and oil products, making it an ideal choice for super yacht owners and operators seeking the highest level of protection.

When it comes to decorative paints, Hempel offers a range of topcoat solutions under the Hempel’s Professional range. Products like the Hempel’s Brilliant Gloss 53200 offer an ultra-high-gloss finish, exceptional durability, and resistance against harsh weather and marine conditions, ensuring super yachts retain their charm and shine even after years of exposure.

Special mention must be given to the Hempel Silic One Tiecoat, a groundbreaking product that serves as a link between the light primer and the fouling release system. This biocide-free solution has set new industry standards in terms of performance and sustainability.

In the ever-evolving world of super yacht maintenance, Hempel’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation sets it apart. Its extensive product portfolio, designed to cater to the specific needs of super yachts, is a testament to its understanding of this niche industry.

ptw Shipyard, with its high standards and dedication to excellence, is proud to offer Hempel’s range of products. It recognizes the value of Hempel’s commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, and seeks to provide its customers with the best possible solutions for their super yacht maintenance needs. This collaboration between ptw Shipyard and Hempel is a perfect blend of expertise, quality, and customer satisfaction, aimed at offering an unmatched service in the super yacht industry.

Hempel marine products:

Antifouling Coatings:

  • Hempel Hard Racing Xtra
  • Hempel Hard Racing Performer
  • Hempel Hard Racing Tiger Xtra
  • Hempel Hard Racing Performer Xtra
  • Hempel Mille NCT
  • Hempel Mille Dynamic

Primer and Undercoat:

  • Hempel Hempadur Quattro 17634
  • Hempel Hempadur Zinc 17360
  • Hempel Hempadur Multi-Strength 45600
  • Hempel Hempadur 15570


  • Hempel Brilliant Gloss 53200
  • Hempel Classic Antiglare 45145
  • Hempel Classic Antifouling 53300
  • Hempel Classic Bright 45140

Thinners and Cleaners:

  • Hempel Thinner 08450
  • Hempel Cleaner 99350
  • Hempel Degreaser 99310

Protective Coatings:

  • Hempel Hempadur Avantguard 770
  • Hempel Hempadur Mastic 45880
  • Hempel Hempatop Finish 85080

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