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ROXTEC is a leading brand in cable and pipe sealing solutions, providing top-quality products for the yacht and superyacht industry

With a strong focus on safety, reliability, and innovation, ROXTEC offers a comprehensive range of sealing solutions designed to protect critical infrastructure on board.

At the core of ROXTEC’s product lineup are their multi-cable and pipe transits. These transit systems ensure the watertight and airtight sealing of cables and pipes passing through bulkheads, decks, and other critical areas. ROXTEC’s sealing solutions are based on a unique modular design, allowing for flexibility, ease of installation, and future expansion. By using adaptable sealing modules, yacht and superyacht owners can achieve efficient cable and pipe management while maintaining the integrity of their vessel’s structure.

ROXTEC’s sealing solutions are designed to cater to various types of cables and pipes, including electrical, communication, data, hydraulic, and ventilation systems. Their product range covers different sizes, shapes, and sealing requirements, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of cable and pipe configurations. Some notable product lines include the ROXTEC RS and ROXTEC SPM sealing systems, each offering specific features and capabilities to meet the unique needs of yacht and superyacht applications.

In addition to multi-cable and pipe transits, ROXTEC offers a range of specialized sealing products to address specific requirements. These include fire-rated seals, EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) seals, and solutions for hazardous areas. These specialized seals ensure compliance with safety standards, mitigate the risk of fire propagation, and maintain proper shielding for sensitive equipment on board.

ROXTEC’s expertise also extends to providing comprehensive support services, including design assistance, installation training, and on-site technical support. Their team of experts collaborates closely with yacht builders, naval architects, and system integrators to ensure seamless integration of ROXTEC’s sealing solutions into the vessel’s infrastructure.

ptw Shipyard proudly commercializes ROXTEC’s cutting-edge sealing solutions, offering yacht and superyacht owners access to reliable and high-performance products. By partnering with ROXTEC, ptw Shipyard ensures that their clients benefit from industry-leading cable and pipe sealing solutions that enhance safety, protect critical infrastructure, and ensure long-term performance.

In summary, ROXTEC is a leading brand specializing in cable and pipe sealing solutions for the yacht and superyacht industry. Their modular and adaptable sealing systems provide efficient cable and pipe management while maintaining the integrity of the vessel’s structure. ptw Shipyard commercializes ROXTEC’s products, ensuring their clients have access to top-quality sealing solutions for their yacht and superyacht needs.

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