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Sea Recovery, a trusted name in marine watermakers, offers a comprehensive range of high-quality desalination systems for yachts and superyachts

Sea Recovery is a company dedicated to meeting the water supply needs of vessels, especially in remote and challenging locations. They prioritize reliability, efficiency, and sustainability in their watermaker systems, ensuring a constant source of fresh water on board. Sea Recovery offers a range of watermaker series, each tailored to different vessel sizes and requirements.

One of their notable series is the Aqua Whisper DX, which combines advanced technology with user-friendly features. This series is known for its high production capacities, energy-saving capabilities, and automated controls that simplify operations. It’s a dependable choice for yacht owners looking for a reliable and efficient watermaking solution.

For those with space limitations, the Ultra Whisper series is a compact option that doesn’t compromise performance. These watermakers are designed to fit in smaller yachts and superyachts while providing efficient freshwater production. They are also known for their whisper-quiet operation, which is particularly appealing to owners who prioritize reducing noise levels on board.

Sea Recovery also caters to larger vessels and superyachts with their Coral Sea series. These systems offer high-capacity water production while maintaining optimal energy efficiency. They utilize advanced reverse osmosis technology to convert seawater into clean, fresh water suitable for various onboard applications.

In addition to their watermaker systems, Sea Recovery provides a range of accessories and components to enhance system performance and ensure water quality. This includes pre-filtration systems, pressure vessels, membranes, and monitoring devices. Their comprehensive product line allows for customizable solutions to meet the diverse needs of yacht owners.

One of Sea Recovery’s key commitments is to sustainability. They prioritize energy efficiency and water conservation in their systems, utilizing advanced technologies that minimize energy consumption and reduce waste. This dedication to eco-friendly solutions enhances the overall boating experience while minimizing the environmental impact.

Partnering with Sea Recovery, ptw Shipyard proudly offers these watermaker systems to yacht and superyacht owners. This collaboration ensures that customers can enjoy a continuous supply of fresh water, improving onboard comfort and convenience even in remote and challenging environments. It’s a testament to Sea Recovery’s dedication to delivering high-performance solutions for the maritime industry.

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