Sonihull is a leading brand in ultrasonic antifouling technology for the yacht and superyacht industry. With a commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability, Sonihull offers a comprehensive range of products designed to prevent marine fouling and protect vessel surfaces without the use of harmful chemicals.

At the heart of Sonihull’s product lineup are their ultrasonic antifouling systems. These systems utilize advanced ultrasonic technology to create a high-frequency vibration that disrupts the attachment and growth of marine organisms on the hull, propellers, and other submerged surfaces. By preventing the formation of biofilms and the accumulation of barnacles, algae, and other fouling organisms, Sonihull’s systems provide long-lasting protection and improve vessel performance.

Sonihull’s ultrasonic antifouling systems are available in different models to suit various vessel sizes and applications. Whether it’s a small yacht or a large superyacht, Sonihull has a solution to effectively combat fouling and reduce maintenance costs. Their systems are easy to install and require minimal maintenance, offering a hassle-free and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional antifouling methods.

In addition to ultrasonic antifouling, Sonihull offers complementary products and services. This includes corrosion control solutions, water treatment systems, and remote monitoring capabilities. These products work in synergy with the ultrasonic antifouling systems, providing comprehensive protection and ensuring the longevity of the vessel’s critical components.

Sonihull’s expertise extends beyond their product offerings. They provide extensive support services, including installation assistance, maintenance guidance, and technical training. Their team of experts collaborates closely with yacht owners, captains, and maintenance crews to ensure the effective operation and optimization of Sonihull’s systems.

PTW Shipyard proudly serves as the sales and service agent for Sonihull, distributing and representing their innovative ultrasonic antifouling systems and related products. With PTW Shipyard’s expertise and partnership with Sonihull, yacht and superyacht owners can benefit from industry-leading fouling prevention technology and exceptional customer support.

In summary, Sonihull is a leading brand specializing in ultrasonic antifouling technology for yachts and superyachts. Their range of products, including ultrasonic antifouling systems, corrosion control solutions, and water treatment systems, provides effective fouling prevention and protection. PTW Shipyard serves as the sales and service agent for Sonihull, offering clients access to their cutting-edge products and dedicated support.

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