TowPro is a leading brand in the marine industry, specializing in high-quality towing and recovery solutions for yacht and superyacht applications.

With a comprehensive range of products, TowPro has established itself as a trusted partner for boating enthusiasts, marine service providers, and shipyards worldwide. Its commitment to innovation, durability, and performance has garnered a reputation for excellence among its global clientele.

The TowPro product lineup includes a variety of towing systems, from compact tow lines and harnesses to robust towing bridles and winches. These products are designed with a keen understanding of the unique challenges faced by yacht and superyacht owners and operators. For instance, the TowPro Tension System ensures a steady pull and smooth towing operation, even in rough sea conditions, while the TowPro Recovery Winch provides efficient and reliable retrieval of towed vessels.

Among the standout products in TowPro’s portfolio are the TowPro Tow Line and the TowPro Recovery Sling. The Tow Line is a high-strength, abrasion-resistant rope that offers excellent shock absorption, while the Recovery Sling features a flexible, low-stretch design that ensures a secure grip on the towed vessel without damaging its hull. These products are available in various sizes and capacities to suit the specific requirements of different yacht and superyacht applications.

In addition to its core towing and recovery products, TowPro offers a range of complementary accessories, such as tow bridles, tow hooks, and tow line storage bags, to enhance the functionality and convenience of its systems. These accessories are designed with the same attention to detail and quality as TowPro’s primary offerings, ensuring seamless integration and exceptional performance.

TowPro’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond its products. The company provides comprehensive support and technical assistance to its clients, ensuring that they can confidently rely on their TowPro systems for years to come. With a global network of dealers and service centers, TowPro is well-equipped to address the needs of yacht and superyacht owners and operators around the world.

In conclusion, TowPro is an industry-leading brand that offers an extensive range of towing and recovery solutions for yacht and superyacht applications. Its innovative, high-quality products are designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of the marine sector, ensuring safe and efficient towing operations. PTW Shipyard is proud to offer TowPro’s exceptional products, catering to the diverse requirements of yacht and superyacht owners and operators alike.

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Coatings Specialists: Obtaining the finest results available in the yacht paint industry, here at our shipyard we offer a fully dedicated Yacht Paint in-house department. Our team with over twenty years of experience in the super yacht arena will provide the highest standards reaching your expectations. Superior contractual standards and a constant application and surface controls will certify and warrant each job.

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  • Total or partial refits.
  • Priming, fairing & top coating.
  • Restoration refinishing.
  • Touch up & repair work.
  • Professional scaffolding sheds.
  • Contractual and warranty jobs.