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YKK, a global leader in fastening solutions, has been delivering exceptional products for over eight decades

With a commitment to innovation and quality, YKK provides a comprehensive range of fasteners for various industries, including marine applications, making it an essential partner for yacht and superyacht repair, maintenance, and refit projects.

YKK’s product offerings are extensive, covering zippers, hook and loop fasteners, plastic hardware, and metal snaps and buttons. Their marine-grade zippers, such as the AQUASEAL® and PROSEAL® lines, are specifically designed to withstand harsh environments, ensuring durability and reliability in the marine industry. YKK’s zippers are available in different materials like metal, coil, and Vislon®, catering to a wide range of needs and preferences.

The hook and loop fasteners offered by YKK, such as the QUICK-FIT® and ONE-WRAP® lines, provide versatile and secure fastening solutions for marine applications. These fasteners are known for their durability, reliability, and ease of use, making them an ideal choice for yacht and superyacht projects.

YKK’s plastic hardware, including buckles, D-rings, and strap adjusters, are designed to withstand the rigours of marine environments, providing dependable fastening options for various applications. Their metal snaps and buttons, such as the SNAD® line, offer corrosion-resistant and non-marring solutions for attaching soft goods to hard surfaces without damaging the surface finish.

One of YKK’s unique offerings is the EYLLET & WASHER®, a versatile and reliable fastening system that can be used in various marine applications such as curtains, cushions, and covers. The corrosion-resistant material ensures that the fasteners remain functional and aesthetically pleasing even in harsh marine environments.

In addition to the wide range of products, YKK is also committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. They have implemented the YKK Environmental Pledge, which focuses on reducing their environmental impact through sustainable manufacturing processes, waste reduction, and energy conservation.

ptw Shipyard recognizes the value and quality that YKK brings to the table and is proud to offer their products for yacht and superyacht repair, maintenance, and refit projects. With a commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability, YKK’s fastening solutions are an excellent choice for the marine industry.

Here are their main offerings:

  • Zippers: YKK offers a wide range of zippers suitable for marine environments. This includes zippers resistant to corrosion from saltwater, UV-resistant zippers, and flame-retardant zippers.
  • SNAD: These are adhesive-based fasteners that allow for easy attachment without the need for drilling holes. They are resistant to UV light, saltwater, and harsh weather conditions, making them ideal for marine applications.
  • Plastic Hardware: YKK provides a variety of plastic hardware such as buckles and adjusters that are resistant to corrosion and UV damage.
  • Hook and Loop: YKK’s hook and loop fasteners are suitable for a range of applications on a yacht or superyacht, including securing items in place during travel.
  • Webbing: YKK offers webbing that is resistant to UV damage and saltwater, ideal for use in marine environments.
  • Metal Hardware: YKK also provides a range of metal hardware, including snaps and buttons that are suitable for use in marine environments.

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