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ABT-TRAC: Unleashing Unmatched Performance and Stability for Yachts and Superyachts

Welcome to the world of ABT-TRAC, the industry leader in advanced stabilization, thruster, and hydraulic systems for yachts and superyachts. With a rich heritage of engineering excellence and a relentless pursuit of innovation, ABT-TRAC has set the standard for performance, reliability, and comfort on the open seas.

Stabilization Systems: ABT-TRAC offers a range of cutting-edge stabilization systems that ensure maximum comfort and stability, even in challenging sea conditions. From zero-speed stabilizers to fin stabilizers, ABT-TRAC’s solutions minimize roll and pitch, providing a smooth and enjoyable cruising experience. The advanced hydraulic control systems, combined with precise engineering, guarantee unparalleled performance and reduced vessel motion, making every journey a pleasure.

Thruster Systems: Maneuvering with precision and confidence is essential for yacht owners, and ABT-TRAC’s thruster systems deliver exceptional control and propulsion. Whether it’s bow thrusters, stern thrusters, or tunnel thrusters, ABT-TRAC’s state-of-the-art designs offer effortless manoeuvrability, ensuring precise docking and easy handling in tight spaces. With a focus on efficiency and reliability, ABT-TRAC’s thrusters are the ideal solution for enhanced control and safety.

Hydraulic Systems: ABT-TRAC’s hydraulic systems are engineered to power a wide range of onboard applications, providing reliable and efficient solutions for various hydraulic functions. From anchor windlasses to deck cranes and passerelles, ABT-TRAC’s hydraulic systems are designed for optimal performance, durability, and ease of operation. Experience the power and versatility of ABT-TRAC’s hydraulic systems, ensuring seamless functionality and reliability for all your onboard needs.

Service and Support: ABT TRAC’s commitment to excellence extends beyond their cutting-edge products. Their global network of certified service partners ensures prompt and professional support, including installation, maintenance, and repair services. With PTW Shipyard as an authorized distributor, yacht owners can rely on PTW Shipyard’s expertise to access ABT-TRAC’s exceptional range of products and comprehensive support.

ABT-TRAC has earned the trust of yacht owners, captains, and shipbuilders worldwide by consistently delivering unrivalled performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction. With a focus on innovation and a passion for pushing boundaries, ABT-TRAC continues to redefine the standards of yacht stabilization, thruster, and hydraulic systems.

Choose ABT-TRAC for unmatched performance, stability, and control on your yacht or superyacht. Contact PTW Shipyard today to explore the full range of ABT-TRAC products and elevate your yachting experience to new levels of excellence.

We can provide a general overview of their products commonly used in the yacht and marine industry:

1. Stabilizer Systems: ABT-TRAC offers a range of stabilizer systems designed to reduce roll and enhance onboard comfort. These systems utilize advanced gyroscopic or fin-based technology to minimize vessel motion caused by waves and improve stability while underway or at anchor.

2. Bow and Stern Thrusters: ABT-TRAC specializes in manufacturing bow and stern thrusters, which provide manoeuvrability and precise control of yachts in close quarters. These thrusters help improve vessel handling, docking, and positioning, particularly in tight marinas or challenging conditions.

3. Integrated Control Systems: ABT-TRAC provides integrated control systems that allow seamless operation and management of stabilizer and thruster systems. These user-friendly interfaces enable captains and crew to monitor and adjust system parameters, optimizing performance and convenience.

4. Customized Solutions: ABT-TRAC offers customized solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of individual yachts. Their engineering team works closely with yacht builders, naval architects, and owners to develop bespoke stabilizer and thruster systems that integrate seamlessly with the vessel’s design and specifications.

5. Service and Support: ptw Shipyard provides comprehensive service and support for their products. This includes installation assistance, system maintenance, spare parts supply, and technical assistance to ensure optimal performance and longevity of their stabilizer and thruster systems.

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