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Applelec Marine is a leading brand in the marine industry, specializing in high-quality electrical components and systems for yacht and superyacht repair, maintenance, and refit.

With a strong commitment to innovation, quality, and reliability, Appelec Marine has established itself as a trusted partner for marine professionals seeking exceptional electrical solutions.

The extensive product range offered by Appelec Marine caters to a variety of needs, from power distribution and management to lighting control and automation systems. Among their most popular products are Appelec Marine’s electrical panels, which have become an industry standard for their robust construction, user-friendly design, and superior performance in demanding marine environments.

Appelec Marine’s innovative lighting control and automation systems are designed to provide yacht and superyacht owners with a seamless and customizable lighting experience. These advanced systems not only offer efficient power management but also enhance the overall ambiance onboard, creating a luxurious and comfortable environment.

Another standout offering from Appelec Marine is their range of shore power solutions, including shore power cables and adapters. Engineered to ensure reliable and safe connections between yachts, superyachts, and shore-based power sources, these products are essential for maintaining the continuous operation of onboard electrical systems.

Notably, Appelec Marine’s technical support and customer service are highly regarded in the industry. The company offers comprehensive training, education programs, and expert consultation services, ensuring that clients are well-equipped to make informed decisions and achieve optimal results.

In the realm of yacht and superyacht maintenance and refit, Appelec Marine’s electrical solutions play a crucial role in ensuring the seamless operation of these luxurious vessels. Examples of Appelec Marine’s marine applications include their electrical panels for efficient power distribution, lighting control and automation systems for creating a bespoke onboard atmosphere, and shore power solutions for maintaining a reliable connection to external power sources.

PTW Shipyard recognizes the importance of utilizing top-quality electrical components and systems in the demanding marine industry and proudly offers Appelec Marine’s exceptional range to ensure that every yacht and superyacht project is completed to the highest standard. With a solid reputation for excellence and innovation, Appelec Marine’s offerings are integral to maintaining the superior performance and functionality of these magnificent vessels.

Yacht lettering and logos, including:

  1. Illuminated Yacht Lettering
    • LED-illuminated lettering and logos
    • Stainless steel, titanium, or acrylic materials
    • Multiple illumination options, including halo, face-lit, or side-lit illumination
  2. Non-Illuminated Yacht Lettering
    • Stainless steel, titanium, or acrylic materials
    • Available in a variety of finishes, such as mirror-polished, satin, or brushed
  3. Vinyl Lettering and Graphics
    • High-quality vinyl lettering and graphics
    • Suitable for boat names, registration numbers, and decorative graphics
  4. 3D Printed Yacht Lettering
    • 3D printed lettering and logos
    • Lightweight and durable materials
  5. Bespoke Yacht Lettering
    • Customized lettering and logos tailored to individual requirements and preferences
    • Various materials, finishes, and illumination options available

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