Bow thruster gearbox replacement

In this video, witness a rapid repair of a bow thruster with a severely damaged shaft. Our skilled technicians efficiently remove the damaged component and replace it, ensuring optimal performance and restoring yacht maneuverability. Watch as PTW Shipyard’s expertise and commitment to excellence are showcased in this crucial repair, demonstrating our ability to handle even the most challenging marine technology situations.
Comprehensive Overview of Thrusters Offered by PTW Shipyard
PTW Shipyard is a leading provider of yacht refit and repair services. As a part of our extensive service offerings, we supply and install a comprehensive range of thrusters from various suppliers. These thrusters are designed to meet the propulsion needs of a wide array of yachts and superyachts. This article delves into the world of thrusters, exploring the types and benefits they bring to the yachting industry.
Thruster Types and Applications
We offer three primary types of thrusters: azimuth thrusters, tunnel thrusters, and retractable thrusters. Each type is designed to fulfil specific requirements in terms of vessel manoeuvrability, performance, and safety.
Azimuth Thrusters
Azimuth thrusters are advanced propulsion systems that can rotate 360 degrees, providing exceptional manoeuvrability to vessels. They are particularly useful for dynamic positioning (DP) operations, where precise control over the vessel’s position is crucial. Azimuth thrusters can be found in various vessels such as tugboats, offshore supply vessels, research ships, and icebreakers.
Key features of azimuth thrusters include:
Robust design for high reliability and longevity
Customisable configurations to suit specific vessel requirements
Low noise and vibration levels, ensuring passenger and crew comfort
Integrated electric or hydraulic steering and control systems
Tunnel Thrusters
Tunnel thrusters, also known as bow or stern thrusters, are mounted transversely in a vessel’s hull to provide lateral thrust, enabling the vessel to move sideways. This additional manoeuvrability is particularly helpful during docking, undocking, and navigating in confined spaces. We offer a wide range of tunnel thrusters suitable for various applications, including workboats, ferries, luxury yachts, and naval vessels.
Tunnel thrusters come with several benefits:
High efficiency and performance
Streamlined design to minimise drag and turbulence
Low noise and vibration
Easy maintenance access
Optional electric or hydraulic drive systems
Retractable Thrusters
Retractable thrusters are a versatile solution that combines the benefits of both azimuth and tunnel thrusters. They can be retracted into the hull when not in use, minimising drag and improving the vessel’s overall performance. Retractable thrusters are ideal for vessels that require exceptional manoeuvrability, such as cruise ships, offshore construction vessels, and naval ships.
Advantages of retractable thrusters include:
Optimised hydrodynamic design for reduced drag
Enhanced manoeuvrability with 360-degree rotation
High performance and efficiency
Compact design for easy integration into a vessel’s hull
Customised Solutions
In addition to our standard product range, PTW Shipyard also provides customised thruster solutions to meet specific customer requirements. We work closely with clients to develop tailored propulsion systems that cater to unique yacht designs, operational needs, and environmental conditions. Our customised solutions ensure optimal performance, reliability, and efficiency for every application.
In the yacht and superyacht industry, there are several prominent thruster brands known for their high-quality products, performance, and reliability. Some of the main thruster brands catering to this market segment are:
Side-Power (Sleipner Motor):
Side-Power is a leading brand in the yacht and superyacht industry, offering a wide range of bow and stern thrusters, as well as stabilizer systems. Their thrusters are known for their reliability, efficiency, and ease of installation.
ABT-TRAC (American Bow Thruster):
ABT-TRAC is a well-known brand offering thrusters and stabilizers for yachts and superyachts. Their products include hydraulic and electric thrusters that provide smooth and precise control, ensuring excellent maneuverability.
Max Power:
Max Power offers a comprehensive range of tunnel and retractable thrusters for yachts and superyachts. They focus on providing high-quality, reliable, and easy-to-install products that improve vessel maneuverability.
Vetus is a reputable brand in the marine industry, providing a wide range of equipment, including bow and stern thrusters. Their products are known for their quality, durability, and performance, making them a popular choice for yachts and superyachts.
Quantum Marine Stabilizers:
Quantum Marine Stabilizers offers a variety of yacht and superyacht thruster solutions, including hydraulic and electric options. They specialize in custom-designed systems tailored to meet the specific needs of each vessel.
Lewmar is a leading marine equipment manufacturer that offers a range of electric and hydraulic bow and stern thrusters for yachts and superyachts. Their products are known for their durability, performance, and reliability.
Naiad Dynamics:
Naiad Dynamics is a global leader in advanced marine stabilization and maneuvering solutions. They provide custom-designed thrusters and stabilizers for yachts and superyachts, ensuring optimal performance and comfort.
CMC Marine:
CMC Marine is an Italian company specializing in electric and hydraulic thrusters and stabilizers for yachts and superyachts. Their products are known for their high efficiency, quiet operation, and excellent maneuverability.
These brands have established a strong reputation within the yacht and superyacht industry, providing a range of high-quality thruster solutions to enhance vessel performance, safety, and maneuverability.
PTW Shipyard is a trusted name in the yachting industry, offering an extensive range of thrusters for various applications. Our azimuth, tunnel, and retractable thrusters cater to a wide array of vessel types and operational needs. With our emphasis on customised solutions, we ensure that our clients receive the best possible propulsion systems for their specific requirements, contributing significantly to the overall performance, manoeuvrability, and safety yachts and superyachts.

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