Installing TowPro

In the video above, our highly skilled technicians from the Systems and Electrics department are expertly installing a TowPro system on a superyacht tender. This advanced tow protection system will provide the crew and captain with real-time monitoring capabilities, allowing them to detect potential issues during towing. With our team’s expert installation, you can rest assured that your TowPro system will be installed with precision and care.
TowPro: The World’s Leading Advanced Tow Protection System for Yachts and Superyachts
Welcome to ptw Shipyard, the official installer of TowPro, the world’s first advanced tow protection system approved by insurers for yachts and superyachts towing tenders and chase boats. We are proud to offer a cutting-edge solution that has been developed after a 12-month period of collaboration with insurers, captains, marine risk experts, and electronics installers to address the issues involved with superyachts towing tenders and chase boats.
The high cost of the loss or damage to tenders and chase boats has forced insurers to place restrictions on towing, such as not allowing towing overnight or in higher wind strengths, and significantly increasing deductibles for tenders under tow. TowPro is the only approved system that can help mitigate these risks and allow yacht owners to tow their tenders and chase boats with confidence.
TowPro uses innovative data monitoring technology to increase the awareness of crew on watch and provide them with ‘eyes in the boat’ so that they have early warning of potential issues at all times, day and night. It provides comprehensive safety data about what is actually happening in the towed vessel, which cannot be seen by the crew on watch, so they can take action to prevent problems.
Essential data identified in the Advanced Tow Protection collaboration transmitted live from the tender includes information about how long the bilge pumps have run in the past hour, bilge water levels, battery charge, as well as external factors including continuous measurement of surfing and yawing. All of these are considered key safety indicators of emerging problems with the tow, which can be viewed on TowPro’s screen display on the superyacht.
TowPro will automatically trigger audible and visual alerts if any safety indicators exceed pre-set thresholds, providing the crew with immediate early warning of any potential issues. TowPro does not require the fitting of any additional antennae on the superyacht, and uses industry-standard NMEA connections to the yacht and tender.
Our team of expert installers is equipped to provide top-notch installation and support services to ensure that our clients can safely and confidently tow their tenders and chase boats. Miquel Salazar, HoD Technical Team at ptw Shipyard, said, “We are proud to offer the TowPro system, which has been rigorously tested and approved by insurers.”
Marcial Orero, director at Underwriting at Navalark Underwriting Limited, said, “We collaborated with our risk management surveyor, captains, and TowPro to provide a solution to the problem of increasing losses from towing of tenders. TowPro is the result of this collaboration, and we believe it can help ease the problem of increased premiums, deductibles, and towing restrictions.”
With TowPro, superyacht owners can finally tow their tenders and chase boats with confidence, knowing that they have a cutting-edge system in place to help mitigate the risks of towing.
You can purchase TowPro and have it expertly installed by our team of experienced professionals. Contact us today to learn more about this innovative system and how it can benefit your yacht or superyacht.

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