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Tender crane repair

Your One-Stop Shop for Lifting Equipment Solutions in the Superyacht Industry

For those who have experienced boarding a superyacht, the excitement of the moment may have overshadowed the engineering marvels that made it possible. But for PTW Shipyard, a company that provides new installation, retrofit, and service for superyacht boarding equipment, the choice of the right crane, passerelle, boarding ladder, or set of davits is of paramount importance.

Gangways, in particular, should be safe and offer quick, worry-free access when boarding a superyacht. That’s why PTW Shipyard partners with Dutch engineering firms like Cramm and Feebe, who specialize in custom-built passerelles of any desired length. Additionally, the company recommends UMT Marine’s range of davits and deck cranes for any yacht size, Fuchs Cranes for German yacht builders, and Hydromar and Swissway Marine, both owned by Hydromar, for quality equipment.

We are proud to recommend Feebe, a Dutch company with 20 years of experience in building quality overhead cranes used inside the garages of the world’s largest and best-run superyachts. At PTW Shipyard, we can help you with the installation, retrofit or total refit of their products to ensure that your yacht is equipped with the latest and most reliable lifting equipment. And when it comes to maintenance and servicing, our team of skilled professionals offers a wide range of services, including regular inspections, repairs, and annual surveys to re-certify rescue and life raft cranes.

Manufacturers like Cramm, Hydromar, and Seawalk offer various types of passerelles, from non-telescopic to double telescopic, to accommodate different spaces. The extendable lorry system, in particular, offers a good space-saving solution, with the double telescopic lorry system capable of storing two lorries on top of each other, reducing the required length enormously compared to a standard lorry. This space-saving solution allows other equipment and systems to take maximum advantage of the available space on the yacht.

Lightweight construction is also a consideration for PTW Shipyard, with many of the better passerelles made from aluminum, resulting in a device with high torque stiffness, minimal bending, and a weight reduction of 25% to 35% compared to their alternatives. The fixed passerelle is ideal for docking with the stern to quay, while the rotating passerelles are handy when docking, and there is an obstacle in the way, with the slewing frame able to easily reposition the passerelle to the sides without the need to re-dock the yacht.

The superyacht industry demands the very best when it comes to lifting equipment solutions. That’s why we specialize in providing a complete range of services for yachts and superyachts, catering to their specific needs in terms of lifting equipment installations, retrofits, and maintenance.

Our team of dedicated professionals ensures that every project related to lifting equipment is executed with precision and attention to detail. We prioritize not only the functionality but also the aesthetics of each installation or retrofit, guaranteeing that the equipment will blend seamlessly with the yacht’s overall design.

We also specialize in deck cranes, an indispensable part of any yacht, for essential jobs such as loading materials, jet skis, dinghies, and provisions aboard. Our models offer ease of operation with a wide range of standard electric drives, hydraulics, and controls. We understand that cranes need to be suitable for handling stores, MOB and SOLAS purposes and should be capable of completing all functions under its full Safe Working Load (SWL) load, and in all positions.
Our expertise in garage cranes is second to none. We know that overhead cranes can be a highly functional hoisting solution aboard a yacht. Our sliding beam and slewing beam cranes are made to suit just about every situation and are designed to look as nice as possible for such a functional piece of kit, with tapering jibs and faired covers, but they are also often hidden away in tender wells.

Finally, we specialize in moveable bathing platforms, an alternative to lifting a tender or jet ski into or out of the water. Our hydraulically operated moving swim platforms are frequently built with this feature incorporated into them and the system works well on sailboats and smaller motor yachts whose overall length precludes a garage.

At PTW Shipyard, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence in service and craftsmanship. We have a team of experienced technicians, craftsmen, and ex-yacht crew who have a can-do attitude when it comes to problem-solving no matter what the vessel or the environment throws at them. That is why yacht owners seeking top-quality solutions for their lifting equipment needs trust us.

In conclusion, PTW Shipyard is the ultimate destination for high-quality lifting equipment solutions for superyachts. With our attention to detail, commitment to excellence, and dedication to providing the best possible service, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed with our work.

Superyacht Deck Cranes

Superyacht deck cranes play a pivotal role in facilitating cargo handling and launching watercraft with precision and efficiency aboard luxury vessels. These specialized cranes are meticulously designed to meet the unique requirements of superyachts, offering a perfect balance of lifting capacity, maneuverability, and aesthetics. Whether it’s stowing tenders, jet skis, or other recreational equipment, deck cranes for superyachts are engineered to ensure seamless operation while complementing the yacht’s sleek exterior design. Skilled marine engineers with expertise in superyacht deck crane installation and maintenance ensure that these vital components integrate seamlessly with the vessel’s structure and meet stringent safety standards. By investing in high-quality deck cranes tailored to superyacht specifications, yacht owners can enhance onboard functionality and elevate the overall luxury experience for guests.

Boarding Passerelles for Yachts

Boarding passerelles, also known as gangways, are essential components of luxury yachts, providing safe and convenient access for passengers and crew between the vessel and the shore or dock. Designed for both functionality and elegance, boarding passerelles for yachts come in various configurations, including retractable, telescopic, and hydraulic models, to accommodate different docking scenarios and vessel sizes. These meticulously crafted gangways offer stability, slip resistance, and ease of use, ensuring hassle-free embarkation and disembarkation for everyone on board. Skilled marine outfitters specializing in yacht equipment and accessories provide custom solutions tailored to the specific requirements and aesthetics of each yacht. By incorporating high-quality boarding passerelles into their vessels, yacht owners can enhance safety, accessibility, and the overall luxury experience for their guests.

Yacht Tender Crane

A yacht tender crane is an indispensable piece of equipment for luxury yacht owners, enabling the safe and efficient launch and retrieval of tender boats and water toys. These specialized cranes are designed to withstand the rigors of maritime environments while providing precise control and lifting capabilities necessary for handling delicate watercraft. Yacht tender cranes come in various configurations, including davit-style cranes, telescopic cranes, and knuckle-boom cranes, allowing for versatile deployment options based on vessel layout and tender size. Skilled marine engineers with expertise in yacht tender crane installation and servicing ensure seamless integration with the yacht’s structure and adherence to safety regulations. By investing in a reliable and well-engineered tender crane, yacht owners can enhance the versatility and enjoyment of their onboard recreational activities while ensuring the safety of their guests and crew.

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