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Caterpillar, a global leader in power solutions, is a trusted brand in the yacht and superyacht industry.

Renowned for its exceptional marine power systems, Caterpillar offers a comprehensive range of products designed to deliver reliable performance, durability, and efficiency.

Caterpillar’s marine power systems are specifically engineered to meet the demanding requirements of yachts and superyachts. With a strong emphasis on power, fuel efficiency, and environmental sustainability, Caterpillar’s product lineup includes marine engines, generator sets, and propulsion systems.

At the heart of Caterpillar’s marine power systems are their renowned marine engines. Built with cutting-edge technology and advanced engineering, these engines provide exceptional power output while maintaining high fuel efficiency. Caterpillar offers a range of engine options to suit different vessel sizes and applications. From compact and lightweight engines for smaller yachts to powerful and high-performance engines for large superyachts, Caterpillar ensures that every yacht owner finds the perfect match for their specific requirements.

In addition to marine engines, Caterpillar offers a wide selection of generator sets designed to provide reliable and efficient electrical power onboard. These generator sets are built to withstand the demanding marine environment and deliver consistent performance, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for all onboard systems and amenities. With various sizes and configurations available, Caterpillar’s generator sets offer flexibility to meet the specific power needs of different yacht sizes and usage patterns.

Caterpillar’s propulsion systems are another standout feature of their marine power solutions. Designed for optimum performance, these systems provide efficient and reliable propulsion, ensuring smooth navigation and maneuverability. Caterpillar offers a range of propulsion options, including azimuth thrusters, fixed-pitch propellers, and controllable-pitch propellers, allowing yacht owners to select the most suitable configuration for their vessel’s unique requirements.

As a sales and service agent, PTW Shipyard proudly distributes and represents Caterpillar’s marine power systems. Their expertise and partnership with Caterpillar enable PTW Shipyard to offer clients access to Caterpillar’s industry-leading products and comprehensive support services. Whether it’s selecting the right power solution, installation, maintenance, or repairs, PTW Shipyard ensures that yacht and superyacht owners receive top-notch assistance and reliable performance from Caterpillar’s marine power systems.

In summary, Caterpillar is a trusted brand in the yacht and superyacht industry, offering a comprehensive range of marine power systems. From marine engines and generator sets to propulsion systems, Caterpillar’s products deliver exceptional power, fuel efficiency, and reliability. PTW Shipyard serves as the sales and service agent, distributing and representing Caterpillar’s marine power systems, providing clients with access to Caterpillar’s renowned products and comprehensive support.

Marine Engines:
Cat C12.9 Marine Engine
Cat C12.9 Supercharged Marine Engine
Cat C32 Marine Engine
Cat C32 Supercharged Marine Engine
Cat 3508C Marine Engine
Cat 3512E Marine Engine
Cat 3516E Marine Engine

Generator Sets:
Cat C1.5 Marine Generator Set
Cat C2.2 Marine Generator Set
Cat C4.4 Marine Generator Set
Cat C7.1 Marine Generator Set
Cat C9.3 Marine Generator Set
Cat C18 Marine Generator Set
Cat C32 Marine Generator Set

Propulsion Systems:
Cat Marine Propulsion Systems (Multiple models available)
Cat Azimuth Thrusters (Multiple models available)
Cat Fixed-Pitch Propellers (Multiple models available)
Cat Controllable-Pitch Propellers (Multiple models available)

Caterpillar’s marine power systems designed for the marine market:

Marine Engines:
Cat C12.9 (Reference Model: C12.9-400)
Cat C32 (Reference Model: C32-1622)
Cat 3508C (Reference Model: 3508C-1700)
Cat 3512E (Reference Model: 3512E-1380)
Cat 3516E (Reference Model: 3516E-2525)

Generator Sets:
Cat C1.5 (Reference Model: C1.5-13.5)
Cat C2.2 (Reference Model: C2.2-17.5)
Cat C4.4 (Reference Model: C4.4-58.7)
Cat C7.1 (Reference Model: C7.1-118)
Cat C9.3 (Reference Model: C9.3-182)
Cat C18 (Reference Model: C18-715)
Cat C32 (Reference Model: C32-1419)

Propulsion Systems:
Cat Marine Propulsion Systems (Reference Model: Cat Marine Propulsion System)
Cat Azimuth Thrusters (Reference Models: Azimuth Thruster 200, Azimuth Thruster 400, Azimuth Thruster 600)
Cat Fixed-Pitch Propellers (Reference Models: Fixed-Pitch Propeller 1800, Fixed-Pitch Propeller 2400, Fixed-Pitch Propeller 3000)
Cat Controllable-Pitch Propellers (Reference Models: Controllable-Pitch Propeller 1800, Controllable-Pitch Propeller 2400, Controllable-Pitch Propeller 3000)

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