Cole Hersee

Cole Hersee is a renowned brand in the marine industry, specializing in developing reliable and innovative electrical products for various marine applications. With a rich heritage spanning several decades, Cole Hersee has established itself as a trusted name in the field of marine electrical systems.

At the heart of Cole Hersee’s product range lies a commitment to delivering exceptional performance, durability, and ease of use. Their comprehensive lineup encompasses a wide range of electrical switches, connectors, solenoids, and accessories that cater to the unique needs of yacht and superyacht owners.

One of Cole Hersee’s notable strengths is their ability to provide customized solutions for marine applications. They offer a diverse selection of products designed to withstand the demanding marine environment, including corrosion-resistant switches and connectors that ensure reliable operation even in harsh conditions.

Cole Hersee’s switches are known for their robust construction and reliable performance. Whether it’s ignition switches, battery switches, or rocker switches, their products are engineered to deliver seamless functionality and exceptional durability. Yacht and superyacht owners can trust Cole Hersee switches to provide reliable control and ensure the smooth operation of various electrical systems on board.

In addition to switches, Cole Hersee offers a range of connectors and solenoids that play a crucial role in the electrical infrastructure of marine vessels. Their connectors are designed to provide secure and waterproof connections, preventing moisture ingress and maintaining electrical integrity. With Cole Hersee solenoids, users can control power distribution and manage critical circuits effectively.

Cole Hersee’s commitment to innovation is evident through their continuous product development and focus on emerging technologies. They embrace advancements such as digital switching and integrated control systems, providing yacht and superyacht owners with cutting-edge solutions for enhanced efficiency and convenience.

As a leading shipyard specializing in yacht repair, maintenance, and refit, PTW Shipyard is proud to offer the comprehensive range of Cole Hersee products. With PTW Shipyard’s expertise and the reliability of Cole Hersee products, yacht and superyacht owners can trust in the quality and performance of the electrical systems onboard their vessels.

Here is a list of some of the most commonly used products from Cole Hersee in yachts and superyachts:

1. Ignition Switches: Cole Hersee offers a range of reliable ignition switches that ensure smooth engine start-up and control. These switches are designed to handle the demanding requirements of marine applications.
2. Battery Switches: Battery switches from Cole Hersee provide efficient control and management of electrical power on board. They enable safe and easy switching between batteries, ensuring optimal power distribution.
3. Rocker Switches: Cole Hersee’s rocker switches are widely used in yachts and superyachts for controlling various electrical systems, such as lighting, pumps, and navigation equipment. These switches offer durability and easy operation.
4. Connectors: Cole Hersee manufactures high-quality connectors that provide secure and waterproof electrical connections. These connectors are essential for maintaining reliable and safe electrical infrastructure on board.
5. Solenoids: Cole Hersee’s solenoids are used in marine applications to control power distribution and manage critical circuits. These solenoids ensure efficient operation and protection of electrical systems.
6. Circuit Breakers: Cole Hersee offers circuit breakers that protect electrical circuits from overloads and short circuits. These breakers provide reliable protection and help maintain the integrity of the electrical system.
7. Toggle Switches: Toggle switches from Cole Hersee are widely used for various applications on yachts and superyachts. They offer reliable control and are available in different configurations to suit specific needs.
8. Disconnect Switches: Cole Hersee’s disconnect switches provide a safe and convenient way to isolate electrical circuits. These switches are crucial for maintenance and emergency situations on board.
9. Push-Button Switches: Cole Hersee’s push-button switches are commonly used for controlling specific functions and equipment on yachts and superyachts. They offer easy operation and are available in various configurations.
10. Indicator Lights: Cole Hersee manufactures indicator lights that provide visual feedback for different systems and functions on board. These lights ensure clear visibility and help monitor the status of various electrical systems.

These are just a few examples of the commonly used products from Cole Hersee in yachts and superyachts. The brand’s commitment to reliability, durability, and innovation makes their products trusted choices for electrical systems on marine vessels.

In conclusion, Cole Hersee is a trusted brand in the marine industry, known for its reliable and innovative electrical products. With their extensive range of switches, connectors, and solenoids, Cole Hersee offers yacht and superyacht owners a diverse selection of solutions that ensure efficient and dependable electrical systems. Explore the world of Cole Hersee, available through PTW Shipyard, and experience the reliability and innovation that these products bring to your marine applications.

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