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Danfoss is a global leader in engineering solutions, focusing on energy efficiency and sustainability

With a rich history, Danfoss has been instrumental in creating healthier and more comfortable climates in buildings and homes and ensuring a more sustainable environment.
One of Danfoss’s key areas is the decarbonization of cities through energy-efficient solutions. The brand is actively involved in developing policies and solutions that make cities CO2-neutral and energy-efficient. This includes solutions for heating, cooling, and refrigeration.
Danfoss has also made a significant impact in the maritime sector. The brand offers a range of products and solutions that are tailored for naval applications. This includes specialized HVAC systems that are designed to operate efficiently in the challenging conditions at sea.
In addition to HVAC solutions, Danfoss also offers a range of products for automation, hydraulic systems, and electric drives. These products are known for their reliability, efficiency, and performance.
One of the notable achievements of Danfoss is the acquisition of the German compressor manufacturer BOCK GmbH. This acquisition has further strengthened Danfoss’s position in the market and expanded its product offerings.
Another area where Danfoss is making a difference is in reducing food loss and energy consumption in food distribution refrigeration. Through collaborations with companies like Microsoft, Danfoss is developing solutions that minimize waste and optimize energy consumption.
Danfoss also offers extensive support and resources for installers. Through the Danfoss Product Store, installers can access a wealth of information including application guides, documentation, videos, and FAQs.
In conclusion, Danfoss is a brand that stands for innovation, sustainability, and excellence. With a diverse range of products and solutions that span across various industries including maritime, Danfoss is committed to creating a better and more sustainable future.
ptw Shipyard is proud to offer Danfoss’s innovative and sustainable solutions, ensuring that clients have access to the best in engineering solutions for maritime applications.

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