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iDirect is a leading brand in the field of satellite communications, providing advanced solutions specifically designed for the maritime industry.

With a strong focus on reliability and efficiency, iDirect offers a comprehensive range of products and services that ensure seamless connectivity and communication for yachts and superyachts.

At the core of iDirect’s offerings is their industry-leading satellite hub infrastructure. These hubs serve as the backbone of the satellite network, enabling efficient and high-speed data transmission between the vessel and the satellite. iDirect’s hubs are designed to handle the unique challenges of maritime environments, delivering reliable connectivity even in remote or congested areas.

iDirect’s portfolio includes a range of satellite modems and terminals that enable broadband internet access on board. These modems provide robust and high-performance connectivity, allowing yacht owners, guests, and crew to enjoy fast and reliable internet access for communication, browsing, and accessing online services. iDirect’s modems are designed to optimise bandwidth usage, ensuring efficient data transfer while minimizing latency.

One of iDirect’s key strengths is their advanced traffic optimization and bandwidth management capabilities. Their solutions incorporate intelligent algorithms that prioritize and optimize network traffic, ensuring efficient utilization of available bandwidth. This enables yacht owners to make the most of their satellite connectivity while maintaining high-quality and consistent service levels.

iDirect also offers comprehensive network management and control systems. These systems allow for centralized monitoring, configuration, and control of the onboard satellite network. Yacht owners and IT personnel can easily manage network settings, track performance, and troubleshoot any potential issues, ensuring optimal network efficiency and reliability.

Furthermore, iDirect understands the importance of cybersecurity in maritime communications. Their solutions incorporate robust encryption protocols and security features, protecting onboard networks and data from unauthorized access and cyber threats. With iDirect’s advanced security measures, yacht owners can have confidence in the privacy and integrity of their onboard communications.

ptw Shipyard proudly offers iDirect’s exceptional range of satellite communication solutions, ensuring yacht owners have access to top-of-the-line connectivity and communication technology. With iDirect’s reliable and efficient products, yacht owners can enjoy seamless connectivity, reliable internet access, and enhanced communication capabilities, no matter where their voyages take them.

Commonly used in the yacht and marine industry:

1. Satellite Modems: iDirect offers a range of satellite modems designed to provide high-speed broadband connectivity over satellite networks. These modems are equipped with advanced features such as adaptive coding and modulation, optimization for various applications, and efficient bandwidth utilization.

2. Satellite Routers: iDirect’s satellite routers are integral components of their communication solutions, enabling efficient routing and traffic management across satellite links. These routers are designed to deliver reliable connectivity, optimize bandwidth usage, and support advanced network features.

3. Network Management System: iDirect’s Network Management System (NMS) provides comprehensive monitoring, control, and optimization capabilities for satellite networks. It allows operators to centrally manage and configure their network infrastructure, monitor performance, and troubleshoot issues in real-time.

4. Remote Terminals: iDirect offers a variety of remote terminals, including compact and ruggedized units suitable for maritime applications. These terminals are designed to ensure reliable and high-performance connectivity on vessels, enabling critical communications, internet access, and data transfers over satellite links.

5. Bandwidth Optimization and Acceleration: iDirect provides bandwidth optimization and acceleration technologies to enhance the efficiency of satellite communications. These solutions minimize latency, optimize bandwidth usage, and prioritize critical applications, improving overall performance and user experience.

6. Voice and Data Services: iDirect offers voice and data services over satellite networks, enabling reliable voice communication and high-speed data transfers for onboard operations, crew welfare, and passenger connectivity.

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