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Kahlenberg Marine is a leading brand in the marine industry, specializing in the production of high-quality marine equipment and solutions.

With a strong commitment to innovation, durability, and performance, Kahlenberg Marine offers a wide range of products designed to meet the needs of yacht and superyacht owners.

One of their key product categories is marine horns. Kahlenberg Marine is renowned for their powerful and distinctive horns, providing clear and effective sound signals for communication and safety. Their horns are available in various sizes and models, including electric horns, air horns, and pneumatic horns, catering to different vessel sizes and applications. Whether it’s a compact horn for a smaller yacht or a robust air horn for a superyacht, Kahlenberg Marine delivers reliable and powerful sound signaling solutions.

Another notable product line from Kahlenberg Marine is their navigation lights. Designed to meet international regulations, their navigation lights ensure visibility and compliance during nighttime navigation. From LED navigation lights to masthead lights and deck lights, Kahlenberg Marine offers a comprehensive range of lighting solutions to enhance safety at sea.

In addition to horns and navigation lights, Kahlenberg Marine specializes in marine signaling devices. Their searchlights provide powerful illumination, aiding in navigation and search and rescue operations. Kahlenberg Marine also offers foghorns and sound signaling systems to enhance communication and safety in challenging weather conditions.

Furthermore, Kahlenberg Marine is known for their expertise in yacht and superyacht air horns. Their air horns are designed to deliver deep, resonant tones, providing a distinctive and impressive sound signature for high-end vessels. These air horns not only serve as safety devices but also add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the yacht’s overall aesthetic.

As a distributor of Kahlenberg Marine products, PTW Shipyard proudly offers their extensive range of marine equipment. With their commitment to quality and performance, Kahlenberg Marine ensures that yacht and superyacht owners have access to top-of-the-line products for safety and functionality at sea.

Discover the exceptional quality and reliability of Kahlenberg Marine products through PTW Shipyard. From powerful horns to navigation lights and signaling devices, Kahlenberg Marine is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for the marine industry. Contact PTW Shipyard to explore the complete range of Kahlenberg Marine products and enhance the safety and performance of your yacht or superyacht.

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