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Telesat, a global satellite services provider, stands at the forefront of maritime connectivity, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions for an unparalleled onboard communications experience.

With a steadfast commitment to innovation, Telesat has become synonymous with reliable, high-speed internet at sea.

The company’s service portfolio is designed to cater to a wide array of vessels, from commercial ships and luxury yachts to superyachts. With their services, connectivity isn’t confined to land anymore. Instead, it is stretched to the vast expanses of the ocean, enabling seamless communication, entertainment, and operational efficiency.

The Telesat Lightspeed network is a prime example of the brand’s pioneering spirit. This advanced Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation provides high-speed, low-latency broadband for maritime applications. With its global coverage, it ensures reliable connectivity, irrespective of the vessel’s location.

Telesat’s LEO services excel in delivering high-capacity connectivity with speeds up to multiple gigabits per second. This allows for real-time video conferencing, cloud-based applications, IPTV, and other data-intensive operations, all while at sea.

Furthermore, Telesat’s LEO network offers a latency as low as 30-50 milliseconds, virtually on par with fiber-optic networks. This low latency ensures smooth and uninterrupted communication, a feature vital for operational efficiency and safety at sea.

The company’s GEO (Geostationary Earth Orbit) satellite services complement their LEO services. With a strong emphasis on flexibility and scalability, the GEO services provide reliable, high-speed connectivity, suitable for various maritime applications.

Telesat’s Forward Link technology is another feather in their cap. It leverages advanced beamforming capabilities to deliver powerful broadband connectivity. With its ability to focus capacity on areas with high demand, it ensures robust and consistent connectivity.

The versatility of Telesat’s offerings is underpinned by their compatibility with various maritime terminals. This allows for seamless integration into existing systems, making it a preferred choice for many.

Telesat, with its advanced technologies and services, has truly redefined maritime connectivity. It allows seafarers to stay connected with the world, irrespective of their location, facilitating both work and leisure.

PTW Shipyard, recognizing the transformative potential of Telesat’s services, brings these advanced connectivity solutions to its clientele. The association with Telesat enables PTW Shipyard to enhance the seafaring experience by ensuring seamless connectivity, thus reaffirming its commitment to offering top-notch maritime solutions.

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