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Crew mess modification

Revamping a 35m Yacht: A Comprehensive Refit at PTW Shipyard

As part of the yacht refit project at PTW Shipyard, the crew mess area on the 35 m yacht went under a significant modification. The mess area was completely renewed, with a new L-shaped bench and countertop installed, and new appliances added including a Neil barbecue area with cooktop. In order to accommodate the new galley and crew mess layout, all electrical wiring and insulation had to be adapted by the electricians.
The carpentry team was tasked with renewing all flooring in the main saloon, while also working on a full refit of a new and extended galley. Painters were busy working on the forward area, with attention given to the mooring cleats which required some modifications. The detailing team was also brought in to replace the old transom lettering and work on interior carpentry.
Meanwhile, the engineers were busy working on the Caterpillar main engines, ensuring that they were in top condition. Welders were tasked with closing the access from the bridge to the sundeck, and making new stairs on the port side from the sundeck to the Portuguese. The HVAC technician was also involved, repositioning phone calls and airflow conducts to ensure that the newly renovated areas were well-ventilated.
Overall, the yacht refit project at PTW Shipyard involved a range of skilled professionals from various trades including yacht carpentry, yacht paint, electricians, welders, and HVAC technicians. The end result was a beautiful and fully-functional yacht, with a revamped crew mess area that provides more access and comfort for the crew during their voyages.

The video shows the refit of a 35m yacht’s crew mess, including new appliances, countertops and paneling, as well as electrical and HVAC updates. Carpentry, painting and engineering work was donde, with the goal of increasing crew comfort and accessibility.

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