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Gianneschi, a renowned Italian brand, is a leading provider of high-quality pumps, blowers, and water handling systems for yachts and megayachts

With a rich heritage spanning over 50 years, Gianneschi has established itself as a trusted name in the marine industry, delivering innovative solutions that prioritize performance, reliability, and efficiency.

Gianneschi’s extensive product range covers various categories, each designed to cater to the specific needs of yacht and megayacht owners. Their offerings include Fresh Water Systems, Bilge and Fire Systems, HVAC Systems, and Water Handling Systems.

In the realm of Fresh Water Systems, Gianneschi excels in delivering efficient and reliable solutions. Their Fresh Water Pumps and Pressure Sets ensure a constant supply of fresh water on board, while their Water Heaters provide hot water for the ultimate comfort and convenience of passengers and crew.

When it comes to Bilge and Fire Systems, Gianneschi offers a comprehensive range of pumps and firefighting equipment. Their Bilge Pumps and Firefighting Pumps are engineered to quickly and effectively handle emergency situations, safeguarding the vessel and its occupants.

Gianneschi’s HVAC Systems are designed to create a comfortable and controlled onboard environment. Their Air Conditioning Systems provide efficient cooling and heating, while their Ventilation Systems ensure proper airflow and air quality throughout the yacht.

Water Handling Systems from Gianneschi encompass a range of pumps, filters, and treatment systems. Their Black Water and Grey Water Pumps efficiently handle wastewater, while their Sea Water Pumps and Filters ensure a reliable supply of seawater for various onboard applications. Gianneschi’s Water Treatment Systems further enhance water quality, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations.

An outstanding product within Gianneschi’s lineup is the ELL (Electric Low-Location) Bilge Pump. This innovative pump is specifically designed for safety and reliability, offering high-performance bilge pumping with low power consumption. Its compact size and easy installation make it an ideal choice for yachts and megayachts.

ptw Shipyard proudly commercializes Gianneschi’s range of premium marine systems. With a commitment to providing the best in repair, maintenance, and refit services, ptw Shipyard ensures that yacht and megayacht owners have access to Gianneschi’s top-quality products. ptw Shipyard’s collaboration with Gianneschi signifies their dedication to delivering excellence and unparalleled customer satisfaction in the marine industry.

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