Marinco is a globally recognized brand, renowned for its innovative and high-quality marine electrical solutions designed specifically for yacht and superyacht repair, maintenance, and refit.

With an unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and reliability, Marinco has established itself as a trusted partner for professionals in the marine industry.

The extensive product range offered by Marinco caters to a multitude of needs, from shore power solutions and marine wiring devices to power distribution products, marine lighting, and electrical accessories. Among their most popular products are Marinco’s EEL shore power cords, which have become an industry standard for their secure and watertight connections.

Marinco’s marine wiring devices, such as the Sealink® plugs and receptacles, provide yacht and superyacht owners with a durable and safe electrical connection for various onboard systems. These devices are designed to withstand the harsh marine environment, ensuring the smooth operation of yacht and superyacht electrical components.

Another standout offering from Marinco is their extensive range of power distribution products, including distribution panels, circuit breakers, and battery switches. Engineered for safe and efficient management of electrical systems on yachts and superyachts, these products enable technicians to perform their tasks with confidence and efficiency.

Notably, Marinco’s customer service and technical support are highly regarded in the industry. The company offers comprehensive training and education programs, as well as expert consultation services, ensuring that clients are well-equipped to make informed decisions and achieve optimal results.

In the realm of yacht and superyacht maintenance and refit, Marinco’s reliable marine electrical solutions play a crucial role in preserving the pristine condition and performance of these luxurious vessels. Examples of Marinco’s marine applications include EEL shore power cords for secure and watertight connections to shore-based electrical services, Sealink® wiring devices for durable electrical connections onboard, and power distribution products for safe and efficient electrical system management.

PTW Shipyard recognizes the importance of utilizing top-quality marine electrical solutions in the demanding marine industry and proudly offers Marinco’s exceptional range to ensure that every yacht and superyacht project is completed to the highest standard. With a solid reputation for excellence, Marinco’s offerings are integral to maintaining the superior performance and safety of these magnificent superyachts.

Some of the main product categories and products available on their website include:

  1. Shore Power:
    • Cordsets: A variety of shore power cordsets for connecting your boat to shore power
    • Inlets: Shore power inlets for safe and secure power connections
    • Adapters: Adapters to convert and connect different types of shore power plugs and connectors
    • Accessories: Additional accessories like cord organizers, sealing collars, and covers
  2. Electrical Components:
    • Plugs and Receptacles: A range of plugs and receptacles for various marine electrical applications
    • Switches and Panels: Marine-grade switches, panels, and accessories for boat electrical systems
    • Circuit Breakers and Fuses: Circuit breakers and fuses designed for marine electrical systems
    • Wire Management: Solutions for managing and organizing boat electrical wiring
    • Connectors: Connectors for marine electrical applications, including battery and power connections
  3. Wipers:
    • Wiper Motors: Marine-grade wiper motors for various boat windshield sizes
    • Wiper Arms and Blades: Wiper arms and blades designed for marine environments
    • Wiper Accessories: Additional wiper-related accessories like switches and washer kits
  4. Lighting:
    • LED Lighting: Marine-grade LED lighting solutions for both interior and exterior boat applications
    • Incandescent Lighting: Incandescent lighting options for marine use
  5. Accessories:
    • Battery Accessories: Products like battery chargers, battery switches, and battery monitors
    • Trolling Motor Accessories: Trolling motor plugs, receptacles, and other accessories
    • Ventilation: Marine ventilation products like fans and blowers

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