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Pettit has been a trusted name in the marine industry for over 150 years, providing exceptional solutions for yacht repair, maintenance, and refit.

With an extensive range of varnishes, Pettit offers unparalleled quality and performance to enhance and protect the beauty of your yacht or superyacht. Pettit’s varnish collection caters to every need, from traditional classics to advanced formulations. Their flagship product, the Pettit Captain’s Varnish, is a testament to their commitment to excellence. This high-gloss varnish provides a durable, mirror-like finish, adding a touch of elegance to any wooden surface. For those seeking a more modern and eco-friendly option, Pettit offers water-based varnishes like the Pettit Easypoxy. These varnishes deliver exceptional clarity, UV resistance, and ease of application, all while reducing environmental impact. Pettit’s expertise extends beyond varnishes. They also offer a comprehensive range of wood treatments, primers, and stains. The Pettit SeaGold system, for instance, is a unique water-based teak sealer that protects and enhances the natural beauty of teak decks, providing long-lasting protection against the harsh marine environment. In addition to their varnishes and wood treatments, Pettit offers a wide selection of specialty coatings. Their antifouling paints, such as the Pettit Trinidad, provide excellent protection against marine growth, ensuring optimal performance and fuel efficiency. At PTW Shipyard, we are proud to offer Pettit’s exceptional range of products to our clients. As a leading provider of yacht repair and refit services, we understand the importance of using superior materials. With Pettit, we can deliver outstanding results that exceed expectations, enhancing the appearance and longevity of your vessel. Experience the craftsmanship and reliability of Pettit products, trusted by boat owners and professionals worldwide. Trust PTW Shipyard to bring you the finest solutions for your yacht’s varnish and coating needs. With Pettit, your yacht will truly shine. Discover the world of Pettit and elevate your yacht’s finishes to new heights. Contact PTW Shipyard to explore the full range of Pettit products and experience exceptional quality and performance.

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