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SAVANT is a renowned brand in the world of luxury home automation and entertainment systems, offering cutting-edge solutions for yachts and superyachts

With a strong focus on innovation, SAVANT provides a comprehensive range of products designed to enhance onboard experiences and create a personalized and immersive environment.

At the core of SAVANT’s offerings is their advanced home automation system. This system allows yacht owners to control and manage various onboard systems, including lighting, climate control, audiovisual equipment, security, and more, all from a centralized interface. With intuitive controls and seamless integration, SAVANT’s automation solutions provide convenience and ease of use for yacht owners and guests.

One of SAVANT’s specialties is their home theater and entertainment solutions. Their home theater systems offer unparalleled audiovisual experiences, delivering immersive sound and stunning visuals. From high-resolution displays to surround sound systems, SAVANT’s home theater solutions create a cinema-like experience onboard, allowing yacht owners and guests to enjoy their favorite movies, shows, and music in the utmost luxury.

SAVANT also excels in multi-room audio distribution systems. These systems enable seamless music playback in different areas of the yacht, allowing users to enjoy synchronized music or choose different playlists for each zone. With high-quality speakers and intuitive control options, SAVANT’s audio distribution systems create the perfect ambiance throughout the vessel.

In addition to automation and entertainment, SAVANT offers advanced lighting control solutions. Their lighting systems allow yacht owners to create custom lighting scenes and control the intensity and color of lights to suit different moods and occasions. With energy-efficient LED lighting options and sophisticated control features, SAVANT’s lighting solutions enhance onboard aesthetics and provide a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

SAVANT’s commitment to innovation extends to their integration with voice control technology. Their systems are compatible with popular voice assistants, enabling hands-free control of onboard systems and entertainment. Whether it’s adjusting lighting, playing music, or managing temperature, voice control adds an extra layer of convenience and ease to the onboard experience.

ptw Shipyard proudly offers SAVANT’s exceptional range of home automation and entertainment systems, ensuring yacht owners have access to top-of-the-line solutions for their onboard needs. With SAVANT’s innovative technology and commitment to quality, yacht owners can transform their vessels into smart, connected, and immersive environments that elevate their onboard lifestyle to new heights.

Here is a list of the most notable products commonly used in the realm of home theater and automation:

1. Savant Pro Remote: The Savant Pro Remote is a sleek and intuitive handheld controller that allows users to easily manage and control their home theater systems. It provides seamless integration with other Savant devices and offers a user-friendly interface.
2. Savant Pro App: The Savant Pro App is a powerful mobile application that turns smartphones and tablets into a convenient control center for home theaters. It enables users to access and manage their audio, video, lighting, and other automated systems from anywhere within the home.
3. Savant Video Tiling: Savant’s Video Tiling technology allows for the simultaneous display of multiple video sources on a single screen. It provides a customizable and immersive viewing experience, ideal for home theaters with multiple screens or projectors.
4. Savant SmartAudio: Savant’s SmartAudio system delivers high-quality audio throughout the home theater space. With multi-room audio capabilities and integrated music streaming services, users can enjoy a seamless audio experience tailored to their preferences.
5. Savant TrueImage: Savant’s TrueImage technology simplifies the control of home theaters by displaying graphical representations of the room and its devices on touchscreens or mobile devices. Users can effortlessly select audio sources, adjust volume levels, and control other aspects of the home theater environment.
6. Savant Lighting Control: Savant offers lighting control solutions that seamlessly integrate with home theaters, allowing users to set the perfect ambiance for movie nights or create personalized lighting scenes that complement the viewing experience.
7. Savant Shades Control: Savant’s automated shading systems enhance the home theater experience by providing precise control over natural light. Users can effortlessly adjust blinds, curtains, or shades to optimize the viewing conditions and minimize glare on screens.
8. Savant Climate Control: Savant’s climate control solutions enable users to manage temperature and airflow within the home theater environment. This ensures optimal comfort during movie sessions and allows for energy-efficient temperature control when the theater is not in use.

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