Seakeeper is a pioneering brand in the maritime industry, dedicated to revolutionizing the boating experience through innovative stabilization technology.

Their groundbreaking products have transformed the world of yachting, enhancing comfort, safety, and performance on the water. Seakeeper’s comprehensive range of gyroscopic stabilizers caters to a wide array of yacht and superyacht applications, offering unparalleled stability and motion control.

The Seakeeper product line consists of various models, each designed to accommodate different vessel sizes, weights, and performance requirements. At the core of each Seakeeper stabilizer is a precision-engineered gyroscope that counteracts boat roll, dramatically reducing the motion experienced on board. The result is a significantly more enjoyable and comfortable experience for owners, guests, and crew.

Among Seakeeper’s standout products is the Seakeeper 1, designed for boats ranging from 23 to 30 feet. This compact and lightweight stabilizer provides remarkable stability without compromising on performance. For larger vessels, the Seakeeper 9 and Seakeeper 18 models cater to boats up to 85 feet and 100 feet, respectively, offering powerful stabilization for a smooth and stable ride.

Seakeeper’s innovative technology has also found applications in commercial and military sectors, with custom solutions designed to withstand the rigors of demanding maritime operations. The brand’s commitment to research and development has led to continuous improvement in product efficiency, reliability, and ease of installation.

Ease of use is a cornerstone of Seakeeper’s product design, with features such as single-button operation and user-friendly control interfaces. Furthermore, the company’s worldwide network of certified service centers ensures that customers receive exceptional after-sales support, including installation, maintenance, and technical assistance.

In recognition of its groundbreaking technology, Seakeeper has received numerous accolades and awards within the maritime industry, solidifying its reputation as a leading force in yacht and superyacht stabilization solutions.
PTW Shipyard is proud to offer Seakeeper’s range of innovative products, enabling yacht and superyacht owners to experience the unparalleled stability and performance that Seakeeper delivers. By incorporating Seakeeper’s cutting-edge technology into their vessels, PTW Shipyard’s clients can enjoy a smoother, safer, and more enjoyable time on the water.

Their product offerings include:

Seakeeper 1:

  • This is their smallest model, designed for boats, yacht tenders between 23-30 feet. It weighs 365 lbs and has an angular momentum of 1,000 N-M-S.

Seakeeper 2:

  • Designed for boats, supweryacht tenders between 27-32 feet, this model weighs 414 lbs and has an angular momentum of 2,000 N-M-S.

Seakeeper 3:

  • This model is for boats, supweryacht tenders between 30-39 feet. It weighs 550 lbs and has an angular momentum of 3,000 N-M-S.

Seakeeper 5:

  • Designed for boats, supweryacht tenders between 34-44 feet, this model weighs 790 lbs and has an angular momentum of 5,000 N-M-S.

Seakeeper 6:

  • This model is for yachts between 40-49 feet. It weighs 1,045 lbs and has an angular momentum of 6,000 N-M-S.

Seakeeper 9:

  • Designed for yachts between 45-59 feet, this model weighs 1,900 lbs and has an angular momentum of 9,000 N-M-S.

Seakeeper 12:

  • This model is for yachts between 50-65 feet. It weighs 2,200 lbs and has an angular momentum of 12,000 N-M-S.

Seakeeper 16:

  • Designed for yachts between 54-69 feet, this model weighs 2,450 lbs and has an angular momentum of 16,000 N-M-S.

Seakeeper 18:

  • This model is for yachts between 60-79 feet. It weighs 2,500 lbs and has an angular momentum of 18,000 N-M-S.

Seakeeper 26:

  • Designed for yachts between 70-84 feet, this model weighs 3,200 lbs and has an angular momentum of 26,000 N-M-S.

Seakeeper 35:

  • This model is for yachts between 78-100 feet. It weighs 3,950 lbs and has an angular momentum of 35,000 N-M-S.

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