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Expert Yacht Paint Repair: Restoring the Forward Bow of an 80m Yacht
In this captivating video, we showcase the meticulous repair process conducted by our yacht paint team on the damaged forward bow of an 80-meter yacht. Witness the expertise and precision as we bring the bow back to its former glory.
To commence this operation, we erected scaffolding to ensure a safe and accessible work environment. The area was tented using shrink-wrapped fire retardant plastic foil, providing protection and creating controlled conditions for the repair process. Our focus on safety extends to using fire-retardant materials.
To maintain air quality within the tented area, we built extraction and filtering ventilation systems. These systems effectively removed dust and fumes, ensuring a clean and healthy workspace for our team while adhering to environmental regulations.
The repair process began with grinding the damaged area to bare metal. This step eliminated any compromised paint and prepared the surface for the subsequent stages. Our skilled technicians used professional-grade equipment and techniques to achieve a smooth and even surface.
Following the preparation, we embarked on the full primary fairing filling process. High-quality fairing compound was meticulously applied to restore the bow’s original contour and symmetry. This meticulous attention to detail ensures a seamless and flawless result, preparing the surface for the painting phase.
At PTW Shipyard, we prioritize using top-of-the-line paint products for exceptional results. For this project, we utilized AwlGrip, a renowned brand known for its exceptional durability, UV resistance, and color retention. Our experienced painters skillfully applied multiple coats of paint, ensuring a uniform and lustrous finish across the repaired area.
To achieve an impeccable surface and enhance the overall aesthetics, the final step involved the application of a spray gun coat with the last code finishing. This process added an extra layer of sophistication and protection, ensuring a durable and visually stunning result.
Throughout the repair journey, our team’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail remained unwavering. We employed our expertise in yacht painting and refinishing to restore the forward bow to its original beauty, ensuring it withstands the demands of the open sea.
Join us on this captivating video as we showcase the expertise and precision of our yacht paint team at PTW Shipyard. Witness the transformation of the damaged forward bow, from grinding to bare metal, through the meticulous fairing, painting, and finishing process.
Trust PTW Shipyard for expert yacht paint repairs using top-quality products like AwlGrip. Experience the art of precision and excellence as we bring the forward bow of the 80-meter yacht back to its stunning condition.

Painting Services Offered by PTW Shipyard:

Yacht Refinishing: Expert refinishing services to restore the yacht’s exterior to its original beauty.
Surface Preparation: Meticulous grinding and sanding to ensure a smooth and clean surface before painting.
Priming: Application of high-quality primers for enhanced adhesion and protection against corrosion.
Topcoat Application: Skilled application of topcoats using premium paint products for a flawless and long-lasting finish.
AwlGrip Expertise: Utilization of AwlGrip, a renowned paint brand, known for its durability, UV resistance, and color retention.
Spray Gun Application: Precise and professional application of paint using advanced spray gun techniques.
Color Matching: Expert color matching to ensure consistency and seamless integration with existing paintwork.
Fairing and Filling: Meticulous filling and fairing of surface imperfections for a smooth and uniform appearance.
Stripping and Sandblasting: Removal of old paint layers through effective stripping and sandblasting techniques.
Custom Finishes: Specialized expertise in creating custom finishes, including metallic, pearl, and matte effects.
Detailing and Touch-ups: Detail-oriented touch-ups and meticulous attention to small imperfections.
Clear Coating: Application of clear coats for added protection and a glossy finish.
Antifouling: Application of antifouling paint to protect the yacht’s hull against marine growth.
Interior Painting: Skillful interior painting services to refresh and enhance the yacht’s interior spaces.
Quality Assurance: Stringent quality control measures to ensure the highest standards of paint application and finish.

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