Generators failures adjusting power quality frequency and harmonic distortions

Our experienced team specializes in addressing generator failures and adjusting power quality to mitigate the consequences of poor power conditions.
Consequences of poor power quality can have far-reaching effects on the yacht’s performance and safety. These include:
⚡ Inefficient use of generator capacity and installation, resulting in wasted resources.
⚡ Additional noise and wear on motors and generators, reducing their lifespan.
⚡ Decreased reliability and increased maintenance downtime, leading to operational disruptions.
⚡ Increased fire hazard due to electrical instabilities and irregularities.
⚡ Higher maintenance costs due to increased wear on equipment and components.
⚡ Unnecessary energy losses, impacting overall efficiency and increasing operational expenses.
To address these issues, our skilled technicians analyze and diagnose the power quality problems, identifying issues such as frequency and harmonic distortions. We then implement tailored solutions to optimize power quality, ensuring smooth operation and longevity of the yacht’s electrical systems.
Whether it involves repairing or replacing faulty generators, implementing voltage regulation systems, or installing harmonic filters, our team possesses the expertise and technical know-how to deliver effective solutions. We prioritize the safety, reliability, and efficiency of the yacht’s power infrastructure.
We can offer you:
Generator diagnostics and troubleshooting: Comprehensive analysis of generator systems to identify and rectify electrical faults and failures.
Generator repairs and maintenance: Skilled technicians to conduct repairs, replace faulty components, and perform routine maintenance to ensure optimal generator performance.
Power quality optimization: Assessment and adjustment of power quality to mitigate issues such as frequency and harmonic distortions, ensuring smooth operation of electrical systems.
Voltage regulation systems: Installation and calibration of voltage regulation equipment to maintain stable and consistent power supply onboard the yacht.
Harmonic filter installation: Implementing harmonic filters to reduce electrical harmonics and minimize disturbances in the electrical system.
Generator replacement: Expertise in replacing old or malfunctioning generators with efficient and reliable alternatives to meet the yacht’s power demands.
Electrical system upgrades and modifications: Upgrading and modifying the electrical system to accommodate changes in power requirements or integrate new equipment.
Emergency generator services: Provision of backup and emergency generator solutions, ensuring uninterrupted power supply during critical situations.
Electrical system inspections and audits: Thorough inspections and audits of the yacht’s electrical system to identify potential issues, ensure compliance with regulations, and improve efficiency.
Technical support and consultation: Knowledgeable staff available to provide guidance, advice, and technical support regarding generator and electrical system matters.

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Coatings Specialists: Obtaining the finest results available in the yacht paint industry, here at our shipyard we offer a fully dedicated Yacht Paint in-house department. Our team with over twenty years of experience in the super yacht arena will provide the highest standards reaching your expectations. Superior contractual standards and a constant application and surface controls will certify and warrant each job.

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  • Priming, fairing & top coating.
  • Restoration refinishing.
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  • Professional scaffolding sheds.
  • Contractual and warranty jobs.