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Our dedicated Carpentry and Interiors department represents our expertise and passion for marine craftsmanship

Specializing in yacht and superyacht refit and repairs, we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.
In understanding the importance of quality, precision, and functional design in the interiors of a superyacht, our team excels in restoring furniture, bulkheads, and wooden flooring. We also fabricate custom-made furniture, ensuring optimal utilization of space while creating a comfortable and luxurious environment onboard.
Our expertise further extends to custom alterations of cabinets, bespoke furniture, and complete cabin refits. We have a large inventory of select wood veneers, solid timber, and top-quality synthetic materials, including Corian, Hi-Macs, Perspex, and acrylics. For an added touch of luxury, we offer upholstered panels for headlining, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your yacht.
We take pride in our proficiency in the restoration of classic boats. Every project is handled with meticulous care and respect for the original design. Our services include renovation of frames, lining planks, and mast repairs. We also offer traditional caulking, with us producing our linseed oil putty.
At ptw, we embrace modern technology. Our investment in advanced solutions such as 3D laser scanning and CAD-CAM systems enables us to provide precision tasks. This ranges from 3D measuring vessels to creating precise machining templates for lightweight carbon composite construction.
Our collaboration with renowned brands such as Teak Decking Systems of Florida ensures we deliver high-quality teak decking services. Using portable 3D laser measuring devices, we can create a comprehensive 3D model of your deck, helping us present a range of style, design, and finish options for your yacht.
We offer high-quality finishing services, including colour matching and varnishing of custom-made furniture. We also provide painting, filling, and fairing of deck plating before teak deck installations or spray application of exterior protective coatings.
Our comprehensive marine carpentry services include complete interior refits, custom hardwood furniture, custom cabinets and repair, veneer and laminate work, custom starboard fabrication, moulding, custom rails, interior yacht flooring, marine countertops, and wood refinishing.
Working with leading brands such as Sika, Api, Avonite, Bellotti, Bólido, Bostik, Festool, and Hafele, we ensure the use of the best materials and products in our work. At ptw Shipyard, we promise a seamless partnership from the beginning to the end of each project. We are committed to conserving naval heritage as we breathe new life into these beautiful vessels, year after year.
Some of our marine carpentry and interior services:
1. Interior Refits:
•              Complete interior refits
•              Cabin alterations
•              Complete cabin refits
•              Custom-made furniture
•              Restoration of furniture, bulkheads, wooden flooring
•              Veneer and laminate work
•              Upholstered panels for headlining
2. Custom Furniture and Cabinetry:
•              Custom hardwood furniture (e.g., teak tables, shelves, beds, chairs)
•              Custom cabinets and cabinet repairs
•              Galley cooktop cabinetry
•              Molding
•              Custom starboard fabrication
3. Flooring:
•              Interior yacht flooring
•              Teak and holly flooring
•              Hardwood floors
•              Custom inlaid wood flooring
•              Amtico laminate marine flooring
4. Counter Tops:
•              Corian countertops
•              Granite countertops
•              Solid wood countertops
•              Veneer countertops
5. Wood Refinishing:
•              Color match and finishing
•              Wood refurbishment
6. Teak Decking:
•              Teak deck installations and repair
•              Cover and coaming teak boards
•              Teak sanding and caulking resuming
7. Restoration Services:
•              Classic boat restoration
•              Restoration of lining planks and masts
•              Traditional caulking
8. Advanced Technology Services:
•              Laser measuring & CAD-CAM
•              3D laser measuring of vessels
•              Computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD-CAM)
•              CNC machining
9. Finishing Services:
•              High-quality finishing
•              Color matching and varnishing
•              Painting, filling and fairing of deck plating
•              Spray application of exterior protective coatings
Please note that this list is not exhaustive and may vary based on the specific needs of the client and the scope of the project.

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