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Propspeed® foul release coating system

Propspeed’s Foul-Release Coatings: Saving Fuel and Increasing Speed for Yacht Owners

As yacht owners look for ways to improve fuel efficiency and reduce running costs, Propspeed, a global foul-release coatings company, is highlighting the benefits of its products.

According Propspeed, using their coatings can lead to improved hourly fuel usage and increased boat speed. He cites examples of owners who have reported savings of up to seven litres per hour and an additional three knots at their standard revs, with results remaining consistent throughout the season.

Propspeed’s Etching Primer and Clear Coat create a biocide-free, ultra-slick surface that no fouling organism can attach to. This translates into significant fuel savings and less time spent in dry dock for yacht owners. The coating also prevents corrosion on critical components of the vessel such as shafts, props, pod drives, and stern drives.

International boat builders such as Heesen Yachts, Feadship, Lurssen, Sanlorenzo ,CRN Yacht, Benetti Yachts, and Riviera Yachts use Propspeed’s foul-release coatings for new boats. While a good professional application by a Propspeed certified applicator is essential to achieving the best results, the company claims that a correctly applied Propspeed coating can provide up to 24 months protection.

In addition to its foul-release coatings, Propspeed has launched Lightspeed, a foul-release clear coat for underwater lights. Underwater lights are virtually standard equipment on today’s luxury superyachts but require special attention to stay looking and working their best. Lightspeed harnesses the science behind Propspeed to provide an effective solution for non-metal underwater componentry.

Propspeed has been recognized globally as the leading coating system for preventing marine growth on underwater metals for over 20 years. Biofouling, the accumulation of marine life on ships’ hulls, increases drag and costs the global shipping industry an estimated $7.5 billion a year in wasted fuel.

Thousands of yacht owners and captains worldwide trust Propspeed to protect their running gear. Matt Pearson, captain of M/Y Tempest II, attests to the significant fuel savings that Propspeed translates into. For yacht professionals like Scott Hampton, paint manager at ptw Shipyard Superyacht Refit & Repair yard in Tarragona, Spain, Propspeed offers premium fouling protection and is not just recommended but required for those who want to protect their investment.

In conclusion, Propspeed’s foul-release coatings can help yacht owners save fuel and increase boat speed, while also protecting critical components from fouling and corrosion. The company’s success in the industry has led to its products being recommended by international boat builders and trusted by boat owners and captains worldwide. With the launch of Lightspeed, Propspeed aims to provide an effective solution for non-metal underwater componentry and continue its success in the marine industry.

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